Army Airspace Command: Top 7 Cool Facts

It is a must that the United States Army has a system that ensures the safety of helicopter pilots and personnel aboard any of their aircraft. With so much air traffic, there must be set procedures and that is where Army Airspace Command comes in.

In today’s post, I am going to give you the top 7 cool facts about Army Airspace Command.

If, at the end of this post, you have any questions or would like to give more facts, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Army Airspace Command Fact #1: Always Evolving

With the use of drones and the need to be fully competent in joint air activities, Army Airspace Command is always evolving.

What I mean is: one method used in this system can completely change in the matter of minutes because the system works on an automated decision making system to ensure safe and secure air usage for all U.S. and allied military aircraft.

Army Airspace Command Fact #2: No Longer Army Airspace Command

As I mentioned evolving, the original Army Airspace Command has evolved into a new system with a new name. It is now Army Airspace Command And Control which goes by A2C2.

Army Airspace Command Fact #3: Identifies All Airspace Users

Army Airspace Command and Control is able to identify all airspace users. Be it an enemy aircraft, allied aircraft, U.S. aircraft or even a child’s kite that suddenly broke free from his/her hands, A2C2 will identify it.

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Army Airspace Command Fact #4: 4 Functions For 5 Activities

Army Airspace Command and Control has 4 primary functions to manage 5 basic activities. The 4 functions are:

  1. identification,
  2. coordination,
  3. integration,
  4. and regulation.

The 5 activities are:

  1. command and control,
  2. fire support coordination,
  3. air defense,
  4. air traffic control,
  5. and airspace management

Army Airspace Command Fact #5: One Of The Big Issues

As A2C2 must be able to identify ground forces, the major problem facing the system that many are trying to address is the fact that enemy combatants in zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan blend in with the civilian population. At this time, to solve this, joint forces use chat rooms to give information.

Army Airspace Command Fact #6: The Danger Of Relying On Voice Communications

It is important that the system does not rely on voice communications. The enemy could easily retrieve or disrupt these communications.

According to the Army, “The airspace C4ISR structure must have a reliable, jam-resistant, and, where appropriate, secure network. However, commanders must avoid using control procedures that rely heavily on voice communications. They should emphasize simple, flexible air traffic control (ATC) procedures. They also should make provisions to decentralize airspace C2 and to preserve flexibility and responsiveness should communications become degraded.”

Army Airspace Command Fact #7: All Improvement Suggestions Are Welcome

As you can easily see if you open each of the reference links, this system is massively complex and as more and more unmanned aircraft gets airborne, the system becomes even more complex.

There are problems and the Army welcomes all suggestions and ideas.

According to the Army publication: Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to Commander, TRADOC (ATFC-ED), 33 Ingalls Road, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1046. Suggested improvements may also be submitted using DA Form 1045 (Army Ideas for Excellence Program Proposal).

Final Thoughts

Okay, let’s hear your thoughts on A2C2…

My opinion is, it isn’t perfect but it is evolving and getting better. With help from all involved, the system can help save lives and win battles and wars.

Post your comments below.

Thank you and here is a cool video…

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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