Army 948D: Electronic Missile System Maintenance Warrant Officer

The United States Army has a wide array of weapons they utilize in both offensive and defensive measures against enemies. Electronic missile systems are one of the major weapons used. The United States utilizes missiles as a tactical weapon to show other countries that we do have the measures to protect our homeland and the citizens who reside here.

With the power and capability of the various missile systems the U.S. Army has, there must be experts who maintain these systems. One of the primary people who take care of missile systems is the Electronic Missile System Maintenance Warrant Officer: Army 948D. In today’s post, we are going to research and explain:

  • A job description

  • Duties and responsibilities

  • Requirements and prerequisites

  • Future career opportunities

  • and more

for the Army 948D Electronic Missile System Maintenance Warrant Officer.

But before we move on, take a look at one of the newest missile systems that is in final development stages, the M39 ATACMS.

Job description

The Electronic Missile System Maintenance Officer is a member of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps. This person’s job consists of every facet of missile technology. Using logic, computers and their learned expertise, the Army 948D will understand all the functions of the various missiles the Army utilizes. They will know the operation and be able to train others, the safety issues and features, and the proper repair techniques. The Army 948D eats, sleeps and breathes missiles.

Duties and responsibilities

The Electronic Missile System Maintenance Officer has a wide range of duties. First and foremost, he/she is a combat leader. As with any job in the United States Army, a soldier must be completely prepared for combat roles.

Some of the primary responsibilities of the Army 948D consist of:

  • Implementing security measures to Army standards.

  • Implementing safety measures that follow both Army and OSHA guidelines.

  • Establishing and implementing an environmental protection program.

  • Utilizing infrared, computer and logical fundamentals, along with digital switching theories that are applicable to the Army’s missile systems.

  • Employing the Army’s Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

  • Training subordinates on operation, repair and maintenance techniques.

  • Interpreting technical data in relation to missile operations and special tools involved.

  • Monitoring unit missile status reports.

  • Advising Commanders on technical aspects of missile systems maintenance.

  • Supervising the repair and maintenance of tools and equipment used in relation to missiles.

  • Attains all needed supplies related to missile maintenance.

  • Estimates parts and supply needs.

  • Inspects and corrects improper techniques or safety violations.

  • Controls Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-E) for field maintenance.

  • Directs testing procedures.

  • Directs troubleshooting applications.

  • Guarantees Quality Assurance (QA-QC) procedures are followed to Army standards.

  • Controls reporting to include Report of Discrepancy (ROD), Quality Discrepancy Report (QDR) and Engineering Change Proposals (ECP).

  • Any other company grade officer duties required for unit mission success.

Requirements to become a 948D

The Army 948D Warrant Officer job is not an entry level position. To attain this position, a soldier will want to start in a feeder MOS. These include: 94A, 94M, 94P, 94S, 94T and 94Z. Some of the primary requirements to be considered for the 948D Warrant Officer position are:

  • Be a United States citizen.

  • At least 12 months left on the Army enlistment contract.

  • Sergeant (E5) or above.

  • 5 years experience in a feeder MOS.

  • Graduate of Advanced Leader Course (ALC) from a feeder MOS.

  • Have a letter of recommendation from a senior Warrant Officer in the 948D position.

  • Supply copies of all NCOERs showing high proficiency for supervisor capacities.

  • At least a score of 110 on the GT of the ASVAB.

  • Pass the APFT and meet weight and height standards.

Waivers can be submitted if a soldier meets most, but not all of the requirements. No one will be considered if under an E4.

Future career opportunities

One may think that after Army career opportunities would be few with this experience. That is a false logic. While missiles are not a civilian function, the experience gained with this Warrant Officer position would show many companies that the applicant has strong leadership skills and technical skills.

All major and minor airlines would most likely be overjoyed to have a person with these capabilities. Private corporations such as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and others are also always searching for employees with this kind of experience. Since missiles work on rocket propulsion technology, the possibilities are many as there are private companies using this technology. Many people with experience such as this also do quite well in consultation businesses.

The other fact that we are talking about a form of electronic maintenance opens doors in many other electronic fields.

Final thoughts

Setting goals of attaining the Army 948D Warrant Officer position are wise. Missile technology for the Army is always evolving, and as a Electronic System Maintenance expert, you will evolve right with it.

It would be wonderful if someone who is, or was a 948D Warrant Officer would comment here and tell us more. All that I researched made this sound like a very interesting job in the Army. If I were a young man, I would attempt to attain this position.

If the 948D is a position you would like to have, and you have any questions, just ask in the comment section below. I will do my best to get a clear and precise answer for you.

Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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