Army 948B Warrant Officer: Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer

No matter where you look, there are some form of electronics near you. The United States Army relies on electronic systems. There needs to be those who are trained to maintain, and guarantee those electronics are working properly. In today’s post, we are going to research and explain a job in the United States Army that works with the Army’s electronic systems. We will explain the job description, duties and responsibilities, requirements and any other important information about the Army 948B: Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer.

Job description

Wherever there is electronic equipment on an Army base or in the field, there is an Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer: 948B overseeing the maintenance and workability of that equipment. It could be computers, lighting, gauges and instruments, communication equipment, monitors and much more. The 948B is in charge of making sure all the electronics are in top working order.

Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer’s duties and responsibilities

The 948B must be a combat leader first and foremost. As with all positions in the Army, the first mission is the defense of the United States against all enemies. The Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer must be an expert in technical adaptation and be self aware. Some of the duties and responsibilities of the 948B are:

  • Establishing security programs within the standards, regulations and guidelines of the United States Army.

  • Is in charge of establishing and maintaining a adequate environmental protection program.

  • Manages personnel and supplies needed for the operation, maintenance and repair of communication, radar, computer, data processing, cryptographic, fiber optic and other forms of electronic equipment.

  • Advises commander of all matters related to electronic equipment which includes procurement, limitations, capabilities and use of.

  • Establishes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guarantee a proper working environment and that all maintenance is completed on a timely basis.

  • Coordinates between maintenance and supported units in regards to logistic, technical and administrative functions.

  • Manages TAMMS, QA-QC and SAMs procedures.

  • Delegates or provides training to personnel to ensure Army standards and guidelines are followed. This includes tools, automation procedures, test equipment and safety procedures.

  • Interprets data and schematics along with supply data and either fabricates parts or attains them through outside resources.

  • Ensures that all electronic equipment and attached personnel are fully deployable at all times.

  • He/she is also able to perform other Company Grade Officer tasks that are essential to a unit’s mission.

Requirements to attain the position of Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer

Below are the basic requirements to become a 948B Warrant Officer. This position is not an entry level job, but is a goal that would be wise.

  • Must be a Sergeant or above (E5+)

  • Must have 5-6 years experience in a feeder MOS. Feeder MOS’ include 94D, 94E, 94F, 94H, 94K, 94L, 94R, 94W, 94Y and 94Z.

  • Must have graduated from Advanced Leaders Course while in a feeder MOS.

  • Must provide copies of all NCOERs showing high proficiency in supervisor performance in electronics maintenance.

  • Have a written recommendation from a Senior 948B. If one is not available in the applicant’s organization, a written recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer of a supporting unit can be utilized.

  • Minimum of 110 on GT score in the ASVAB test.

  • Must be under 46 years old.

  • Must be a United States citizen.

  • Must pass the APFT and weight and height standards.

  • Must be able to attain a secret security clearance, and in some cases, higher than secret.

  • At least 12 months left on Army enlistment contract.

These are basic requirements. There are exceptions. If a candidate does not meet all of these, they can file for a waiver by explaining why they cannot meet the obligation. No candidates will be considered under E4.

Civilian experience in a related field will always be taken into consideration.

After Army

The soldier who attains the Army 948B Warrant Officer position will have no issues finding employment after their Army service. The world is full of electronics. Almost any company or corporation would be thrilled to hire someone with this experience and knowledge. Some basic jobs a person who was in this position may consider are:

  • Security companies

  • Communication companies

  • State or federal jobs

  • Airlines

  • Computer companies

  • Etc…

The possibilities are enormous. A person with this experience may even consider consultation to multiple companies and organizations.

Final thoughts

The world is full of electronics. The security and maintenance of those electronics are a prime territory for people looking for career ideas. Joining the Army and working towards the goal of becoming an Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer is wise.

If you are or have been a 948B Warrant Officer, we would love to hear from you. Please tell us more about this position in the United States Army. You can do so in the comment area below.

If this is a position you have set a goal to attain, we would also love to hear from you. Tell us what steps you are taking to reach the goal.

To all who have served as a 948B, thank you for keeping Army electronics working to full capacity.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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