Army 92Y MOS: Unit Supply Specialist

92Y MOSIt isn’t a glorious job full of medals and recognition, but in this writer’s opinion, it should be. I speak of the Unit Supply Specialist.

When we consider the facts, Army Officers and soldiers would be “up a creek” if they did not have the proper supplies to manage their jobs. It is the Army 92Y who makes sure that Army personnel have the supplies they need to perform their jobs in an efficient manner.

In today’s post, I am going to give you a close look at the Army 92Y MOS: Unit Supply Specialist. I will give you a basic job description. I will also explain the major responsibilities and duties this soldier has. You will learn what the requirements are to become a Unit Supply Specialist, and what training is required for this Army job.

If this is an Army job you, or someone you know may have an interest in, follow along and learn more.

Unit Supply Specialist Basic Job Description

The Army 92Y Unit Supply Specialist is involved in all facets of supply. They perform duties that involve requesting, receiving, storing, issuing, accounting for and preserving all forms of Army supplies and equipment.

Army 92Y Responsibilities and Duties

The Unit Supply Specialist has a large “plate” of duties and responsibilities. Some of the most prevalent ones are:

  • The operation of Unit level computers for management of supplies and equipment.

  • Receiving, inspecting, loading or unloading, inventorying, storing and issuing unit and installation supplies and equipment.

  • Preparing supply documentation.

  • Maintaining automated supply system to account for supplies and equipment.

  • Issuing, receiving, storing and securing small arms.

  • Preventive maintenance on weapons.

  • Guides subordinate personnel.

  • Posts transactions to property books.

  • Advises and assists supply officer and commander.

  • Analyzes statistics to determine supply under or overload in inventory.

  • Segregating medical equipment and supplies.

  • Segregating petroleum and motor pool equipment and supplies.

  • Using hand trucks, forklifts and other needed equipment to manage supplies and equipment.

  • Ensures proper safety procedures are followed within supply and storage areas.

  • Much more!

To be blunt, if it is any type of supply item in the United States Army, you can be sure that 1 or more 92Y Unit Supply Specialists had their part in it being where it is.

Requirements To Become An Army 92Y Unit Supply Specialist

People that are good with math and keeping track of items will probably be good at the Army 92Y MOS. This job does not require the soldier to be a United States citizen, but it does carry these requirements:

  • A physical rating of 222222

  • An ASVAB score of 90 on the clerical portion (CL).

  • Normal color vision

  • No Federal or State court convictions

  • No Article 15 punishments

The position of Unit Supply Specialist requires a high level of trust. Anything that could directly point a finger at the level of trust in a soldier seeking this position will probably disqualify them from getting this Army job.

This is understandable because that soldier is entrusted with expensive Army supplies and equipment. Army staff need to know that the 92Y is of strong moral and ethical behavior.

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Training To Become A 92Y Unit Supply Specialist

As an entry level soldier in the United States Army, the first training you will receive is Basic Combat Training (BCT). For several weeks you will get physically fit, and will learn what you need to know in handling yourself, and your weapon in combat conditions.

Once you have completed and passed BCT, you will go to the Headquarters of the Quartermaster Corps at Fort Lee, Virginia for your Advanced Individual Training. For approximately 8 weeks you will undertake the AIT 92Y Unit Supply Specialist Course. The course leads you through:

  1. Course Introduction – This explains the history of the Quartermaster Corps, and what you will be learning over the next several weeks.

  2. Basic Supply Principals – This module takes you through the Army’s method of supply. You will learn how to properly complete forms and documents. Receiving, storing, inventory, loading and unloading and much more.

  3. Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) – This module is the final training in the course and will guide you through the nuances of the Army property book system. How to prepare reports, process requests, maintain inventory control and much more.

The job of Unit Supply Specialist is quite detailed and you will never stop learning. This course will just get you started. Once you have started your job as a 92Y, you will still keep learning from superiors.

You will surely have a supply officer who will help guide you.

Final Thoughts

The job of 92Y Unit Supply Specialist probably won’t be full of awards and accolades, but just knowing the Army would not run without the 92Y position is more than enough to provide satisfaction in your job.

This is also a job that can lead to many civilian possibilities after your Army service is over. Inventory management and logistics is needed by most major corporations.

We would love to hear from any of you who are currently, or have been Unit Supply Specialists. Please tell us more about this Army job, and thank you for your service in helping to keep our soldiers and officers supplied.

You can post all comments and questions below. Thanks.


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