Army 92W MOS: Water Treatment Specialist

My goal today is to educate you about the Army 92W MOS, the Water Treatment Specialist.  We will discuss the duties, responsibilities, job description, pre-requisites, required skills to succeed, AIT training, and career opportunities. Let’s get started.

The Army 92W MOS Overview

92W Duties, Responsibilities and Job Description

Here are some of the most common duties and responsibilities for someone in this MOS:

  • Provide water to the Army on any type of battlefield
  • Operate micro-filtration equipment, ultra-filtration and reverse-osmosis technology
  • Purify any type of water source
  • Operate and maintain equipment for water purification storage and distribution
  • Select suitable water sites and set up distribution system
  • Analyze water for impurities and contaminates using water quality test kits
  • Measure and mix chemicals that purify the untreated water
  • Operate generators, pumps and purification units for fresh, brackish, or salt water
  • Operate valves, switches and controls that pump the water
  • Distribute water by air using FARPS, by tractor trailer tanker, hard wall tankers or water distribution system
  • Maintain daily records on water production and distribution
  • Operate/drive vehicles and equipment
  • Advise commanders and staff on water related issues
  • Supervise other Soldiers

Pre-Requisites to Serve as a 92W

To qualify for this MOS you do not need a security clearance. You need to score an 88 or higher on the GM portion of your ASVAB test. You need to maintain a physical profile of 211221. You need normal color vision and the lifting requirement for this MOS is very heavy.

Required Skills to Succeed

Here are a few skills and attributes that will help you succeed in this MOS.

  • Willingness to work hard
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Like charts, graph and numbers
  • Ability to focus
  • A strong back!

This might not sound like an important or prestigious MOS, but I hope you will remember that everyone NEEDS water.  Without water, Soldiers won’t survive on the battlefield or be able to do their job. So even though this job isn’t sexy or glamorous, you could argue that this is one of the most important jobs in the Army.

92W AIT Training at Fort Lee

Soldiers in this MOS will attend AIT at Fort Lee, Virginia.  The course lasts 14 weeks long.  In the course you will learn about things such as:

  • Identifying health hazards
  • Choosing a water site
  • Inspecting and testing water
  • Inspection of foods and wastewater
  • How to handle the equipment properly
  • How to fill out charts and reports
  • And much more!

By the time you graduate AIT, you will have a basic understanding about what you are supposed to do.  You will receive the rest of your training when you get to your first unit (on the job training).

92W Jobs & Career Opportunities

As a 92W, you could have a wide variety of jobs.  As a young, junior enlisted Soldier, you’ll probably be assigned to a water treatment unit in a tactical unit.  As you work your way up through the ranks you could be an instructor, a drill sergeant, a TAC NCO, a recruiter, supervisor or countless other jobs.  You could also become a Warrant Officer or Commissioned Officer.

When you decide to leave the Army you could secure a job at a water treatment plant, working for the government, or working with a large corporation that does anything with water.  I personally consider this a great job for life after the Army.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the 92W MOS, the Water Treatment Specialist is a fun and challenging MOS.  You’ll learn lots of new skills that will help you succeed in the Army, and in life after the Army.  If you have any experience as a 92W, I would love to hear from you.  Please tell us what you liked and disliked about your job.  Please tell us what you learned, where you were stationed and what you recommend to anyone considering this MOS.  I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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6 thoughts on “Army 92W MOS: Water Treatment Specialist”

  1. I am the director of a large water utility in Texas. I am also a former soldier. Challenge coins are a tradition I carried with me into civilian life. I have a number of beautiful, heavy, brand new challenge coins that I would love to trade for a 92W coin. Interested?

  2. Providing clean water is no easy task given some of the circumstances of deployment. While this certainly would be a great skill set for success in the civilian world, it is absolutely critical in the military world. Waterborne diseases and parasites can sicken and kill, so the 92Ws play a big role in keeping everyone healthy.

  3. This would be a great investment into your future career when you leave the Army. As time goes by, there are more and more water treatment facilities and organizations. We all need water, and the fact is: a person with this MOS probably would even do quite well if they started their own water purification company.

    If I were joining the Army at this time, this MOS would be very high on my list of possible jobs I would want. It seems like a job that has many possibilities.

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