Army 922A Warrant Officer: Food Service Technician

While soldiers and officers have responsibilities, the United States Army has some responsibilities to these members. One of those responsibilities is keeping them fed. In today’s post, we are going to look at an Army job that maintains that aspect of United States Army responsibility. The Army 922A Warrant Officer: Food Service Technician has an important role. We will explain the job description, duties and responsibilities, requirements and any other important information about the food service technician: 922A Warrant Officer.

Job description

The Army 922A Warrant Officer supervises and coordinates food service programs for commands, installations or organizations. The Food Service Technician is also in charge of budgets for food service equipment and supplies. Any system that has food involved, whether it is in the field or on a base, there will be an Army 922A Warrant Officer overseeing it.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Army 922A Food Service Technician has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. They will include, but are not limited to:

  • In contracting food service facilities, the Army 922A Warrant Officer is obligated to inspect the facilities to guarantee they are in compliance with the contract agreed upon.

  • Managing food service plans.

  • Training officers, enlisted and civilian personnel.

  • Managing food service personnel.

  • Inspects and evaluates food operations to guarantee that personnel are in compliance with rules and regulations in regards to food preparation, service and sanitation.

  • Implements and trains in nutritional awareness programs, low calorie menus and menu modifications.

  • Manages all supply and distribution operations including the acquisition, accountability for subsistence, storage and shipment of rations, water and ice, religious rations and health packs.

  • Evaluates field feeding plans and ensures adequate and timely supply. Also ensures field meals are nutritionally adequate.

  • Etc…

The Army 922A Warrant Officer has a large load of responsibility. Food is of major importance. In the case of war, troops need to be properly fed to be at a level of 100%. It is the duty of the 922A Food Service Technician to guarantee that all soldiers are being fed nutritional meals.

The other side of the scope is ensuring that those who need diets of certain types are properly fed too. The 922A must keep proper logbooks.

Requirements to become an Army 922A Warrant Officer

The Army 922A Food Service Technician job is not an entry level position, but if you are just now joining the Army, it is a great goal to set. These are the basic requirements to attain this position:

  • Candidate must be a Sergeant or higher.

  • Must have graduated Advanced Leadership Course while in the 92G or 68M MOS. In certain cases, this can be waived.

  • 5 years experience in 92G or 68M with 2 years of supervisor experience.

  • Must have a letter of recommendation from a senior 922A or another Senior Quartermaster Warrant Officer in 920A, 920B, 921A or 923A.

  • Must provide copies of all NCOERs with the majority showing successful performances and superior potential ratings.

  • Soldier must either have an Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree, or score 12th grade level in English on the Test for Adult Basic Education.

  • Must be a United States citizen.

  • GT score of 110 or higher.

  • Pass the APFT and meet height and weight standards.

  • Must have at least 12 months on enlistment contract.

  • Cannot be over 46 years old.

This guide is very helpful in everything the Army looks for in a Warrant Officer.

After the Army

The 922A Warrant Officer position provides experiences that can land a civilian career almost anywhere. The leadership part of the position allows the opportunity to lead employees in almost any type of job. Adding the food service side to this, there are an array of job possibilities. Consider all the different types of food operations:

  • Meat packing companies

  • Food factories

  • High scale restaurants

  • Your own restaurant

  • Catering companies

  • Hotels

The possibilities are essentially endless. Humans need to eat, and as a 922A, you will have all the skills, education and talent to help them eat nutritionally. You may even consider having a nutritional company selling diet plans and such.

Final Thoughts

The Army 922A Warrant Officer: Food Service Technician is an Army job that will always be. Until the Army uses robots as soldiers, there will always be a need for food. Keeping food service safe and managed correctly is the 922A’s job.

We would like to hear from anyone who has served as a Food Service Technician. Please tell us more about the duties and responsibilities you have or had.

If this is a job you would like in today’s Army, you now know the requirements to attain this Warrant Officer position. It is a great position to have, as there are many possibilities for your future.

Thank you to all who have or still serve in this position. Without you, it would be difficult for soldiers and officers to do their jobs properly.

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