Army 91E MOS: Allied Trades Specialist

The name of this Army military occupational specialty makes it difficult to understand what this job is. That is why in today’s post, I am going to explain about the Army 91E MOS: Allied Trades Specialist.

When we consider how much metal the United States Army uses, it is only fitting that personnel are trained to work with metal. That is exactly what this person does.

I will provide a basic job description for the allied trades specialist. I will tell you their primary duties and responsibilities. You will understand the requirements to become an Army 91E, and I will explain the training required for this Army job.

91E Allied Trades Specialist Job Description

This job entails many areas, but primarily it consists of fabricating, repairing and modifying both metal and nonmetallic parts for Army service. Using various types of equipment, these soldiers can make something from raw or scrap materials. They are trained with multiple machines.

91E Allied Trades Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

While the job responsibilities of the allied trades specialist can fall into many areas, these are the primary duties and responsibilities of the 91E:

  • Operate lathes, welding machines, grinders, torches, cutoff saws, hydraulic presses, drill presses, and other equipment.

  • Fabricating parts either from metal or nonmetal.

  • Repairing metal or nonmetal parts.

  • Modifying metal or nonmetal parts.

  • Guiding and supervising subordinate soldiers.

This is just a brief list of the responsibilities and duties of this Army MOS. Essentially, the allied trades specialist is able to fix almost anything thrown at them.

Requirements To Become A 91E Allied Trades Specialist

The 91E job does not require soldiers to have a security clearance. There also is no requirement of being a United States citizen. These requirements must be met, though:

  • A PULHES of 222222

  • ASVAB score of 98 in General Maintenance (GM), or an 88 in General Maintenance (GM) and a 92 in General Technical (GT).

  • Normal color vision

  • At least 20/30 vision with or without corrective lenses.

  • Up to 1 error on the Titmus Stereo Circles at 16 inches or 0 errors on 8 positions of Verhoeff Stereopter at 16 inches.

These are the requirements I could find, but it is wise to ask an Army career counselor to be sure these are all the requirements.

Training For The 91E Allied Trades Specialist

Since the 91E MOS is an entry level Army job, the first training the soldier will attend is Basic Combat Training (BCT). The soldier will learn techniques to handle themselves “Army Proud” in warfare. They will become physically fit, and will learn basic combat techniques.

Once the soldier completes BCT, he/she will travel to Fort Lee, Virginia where the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps and School is located. There Advanced Individual Training will last for 19 weeks, and it is an accredited program.

Some of what will be learned will be:

  • CNC Milling Operations

  • CNC Milling Setup and Programming

  • CNC Turning Operations

  • CNC Turning Setup and Programming

  • Drill Press

  • Job Planning, Layout, and Bench work

  • Materials, Measurement, and Safety

  • Turning Between Centers

  • and much more

With the successful completion of exams and courses, the soldier will be given machinist accreditation from the National Institute For Metal Working Skills.

This can be very valuable. You will also have the opportunities to attend follow-up courses to gain more knowledge in the areas of machinist work.

After Army Opportunities

There are a plethora of job opportunities for people with education and experience in fabrication and machinist areas.

I know this because I once worked in that area. I operated a break press, drill presses, and CNC equipment. Not only are these jobs high paying, there are a large amount of these jobs available.

Final Thoughts

We would love to hear from any of you who have the 91E MOS. Please tell us more about what your job entails. If you will, tell us about the training and what it involves.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comment area below. Thank you for your service as an Army 91E allied trades specialist.

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Chuck Holmes
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