Army 915A MOS: Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer

Did you ever notice in your years of growing up, those friends and acquaintances that just had a natural ability of working on vehicles? I believe almost all of us had that certain person who we just knew could figure out any problem we were having with our car. These are the type of people that become Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officers. The position is listed as Army MOS 915A.

In today’s post, we are going to research and explain the Army 915A MOS: Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer. We will explain the job description, duties and responsibilities, prerequisites and requirements, and other pertinent information about this highly important job in the United States Army.

If you have a love of working with automotive mechanics, and have a desire to move forward in your Army career, this may be a great job to set a goal in attaining. Scroll down and learn more about this Warrant Officer position.

Job Description

The Army 915A Warrant Officer is in charge of maintenance and repair on all manner of vehicles which include:

  • Wheeled

  • Light Tracks

  • Self propelled vehicles and equipment

  • Mechanically powered chemical equipment

  • Etc….

Any item that has an engine will most likely fall into the scope of the Army 915A’s job.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Army 915A Warrant Officer has a plethora of responsibilities. They will include but are not limited to:

  • Diagnosing and determining the cause of malfunction in unit vehicles and motorized equipment.

  • Directing and organizing subordinates in the maintenance and repair schedules of mechanical equipment and vehicles.

  • Managing all forms of calibration schedules on vehicles and equipment.

  • Establishing and enforcing all safety standards.

  • Directing field repair and recovery of vehicles and equipment.

  • Managing the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) at unit level.

  • Management of dispatching of vehicles.

  • Establishing and managing the storage of tools and equipment, parts and supplies, and all other items that are required for proper care of Army vehicles.

  • Managing updated training procedures for subordinates.

  • Much more.

Anything that coincides with motorized vehicles and equipment within the unit the 915A is assigned to falls in their job responsibilities. Not only must this person be mechanically inclined, they also need to have strong leadership capabilities.

Prerequisites and Requirements

The position of Army 915A Warrant Officer is not an entry level job. This is a position that must be earned. The main prerequisites are:

  • Be an E5 Sergeant or above.

  • 6 Years of experience in a comparable MOS. Some of the MOS’ that coincide would be: all 63 and 91 designated MOS positions. These must be validated by NCOERs.

  • Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) graduate.

  • Written recommendation from a senior Warrant Officer in this MOS.

  • United States Citizen

Preference will be given to those applicants who have:

  • 7+ years of unit level maintenance experience.

  • Army automotive course certification.

  • 30 college credit hours.

  • 1 year automotive maintenance training.

  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification.

  • 6 credit hours of college level English.

Waivers can be submitted with a viable reason for not having any of these and staff will hold them in consideration.


There are many courses given that will aid in the development of the Army 915A MOS. The applicant will have to successfully complete Warrant Officer Candidate School. They must then complete Phase 1, 091 W16 (4L-915A-RC), RC WOBC AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN COURSE, which is a correspondence course and can be enrolled in here.

There are 3 more phases that will also have to be completed to have the proper education for the Army 915A Warrant Officer position.

As technology grows, there will always be new courses and training to keep the Officer up to date on new advances.

After Army Careers

With the experience and skills a person will obtain from the Army 915A Warrant Officer job, they will have no problem finding after Army career opportunities. There are many automotive and truck repair shops that need and desire the skills that this Army position provides. From small automotive repair businesses on up to the large corporate businesses, the 915A experience can almost guarantee a sure job.

Many who have gained this experience also start there own repair and maintenance business. With the leadership skills, they have the ability to be a success in their own business.

Final Thoughts

Are you one of those “naturals” when it comes to fixing motorized vehicles? Do you enjoy the challenge in finding the problems with engines and fixing them?

The Army needs people who love this challenge. Just maybe the 915A Warrant Officer is a goal you should set. Maybe you have already been involved in a similar MOS, and you want to climb up the success ladder in your Army career. The 915A is a wise move, because the Army will always utilize vehicles that need maintenance and repair.

Anyone reading this who is currently, or has held the 915A MOS, we would like to here your thoughts and comments. Please tell us more in the section below. If the 915A Warrant Officer position is a spot you would like to obtain, and you have questions, we will do our very best to answer them for you. Just ask below, and check back for the answer.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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