Army 881A Warrant Officer: Marine Engineering Officer

In today’s post, we are going to look and learn about a position that many do not realize is available with the United States Army. That position is Army 881A Warrant Officer, Marine Engineering Officer. For those Soldiers that love everything about boats and marine subjects, this position is the perfect choice.

The Army also has a position that many people think only the Navy and Coast Guard have: the water. Scroll down and learn about duties, responsibilities, a job description, prerequisites, and career opportunities for those who choose the position of Marine Engineering Officer in the United States Army.

Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for operations of machinery within the engine room, auxiliary machinery, and deck equipment within both economical and efficient means

  • Performs and supervises the repair and maintenance of:

    1. Marine facility and ship electrical equipment

    2. Marine facility and ship plumbing

    3. Marine facility and ship heating and cooling equipment

    4. Marine power plants

    5. Marine propulsion equipment

  • Inspects both marine facilities and ships to determine maintenance compliance standards, and the total makeup of repairs and maintenance needed so performance will be to Army standards

  • Maintains accurate logbooks and prepares maintenance schedules

  • Prioritizes and implements the Army Maintenance Management System(TAMMS) in regards to marine materials and equipment

  • Manages supplies of parts and repair tools


  • Must be an E6 or above

  • Must have completed the Advance Leadership Course

  • The applicant must hold an 88L or 12P MOS, or have equivalent experience from a civilian Coast Guard sector, or a similar service component

  • Marine engine department experience minimum of 4 years

  • 12th grade level in applied math on the Adult Basic Education Test(TABE)

  • A physical profile not less than 22221

  • Have a Marine Certification Form completed

  • Recommendation from a senior warrant officer

  • Submission of all NCOERs with reflections of being among the best

First choice will be applicants who have served aboard a Class A Army vessel or an equivalent.

Career Opportunities

The high seas always has openings for those who understand the mechanics of marine vehicles. Cruise lines would bend over backwards to have a person of this stature maintaining there ship line. It is also feasible that a person with this knowledge could start their own business. As a person who once resided at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, I know that many boat owners are always searching for people who can help them maintain, and fix issues with their boats.

Just because you joined the Army doesn’t mean you have to hide your love of water subjects. The Army also has an extensive need for marine experts; the water isn’t just for the Navy or Coast Guard. As an 881A Warrant Officer, you can guarantee Army marine equipment is as good as any other on the seas.

I also recommend that this quick guide can help you be prepared to become a warrant officer.

Final Thoughts

I really have no idea how many ships, boats and other marine hardware the United States Army has. If you have an idea, please tell us in the comment section. If you have been, or are an 881A, please tell us more. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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