Army 68W MOS Overview: Combat Medic


Whenever a battle commences where United States Army soldiers are involved, you can be sure there is at least 1 or more Army 68Ws, Combat Medics present.

Any soldier who has been wounded while in combat will probably come face to face with a 68W, as it is his/her job to provide medical treatment in the face of battle.

While others are doing their best to kill the enemy, the 68W is doing their best to save lives.

We need to give thanks that the Army has Combat Medics, because if not, many more lives would have been lost through wars.

I am going to give you a basic overview of the Army 68W, Combat Medic so you can understand what this Army MOS entails and requires.

Army 68W Basic Job Description

The Army Combat Medic has one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the Army. Instead of shooting at the enemy, he/she must jog, sprint or crawl dodging bullets and watching for mines with their medical kit to aid wounded soldiers.

When he hears “Medic,” the 68W makes his way to the soldier and provides enough medical care so the soldier can be transported to an emergency care center.

If no battles are in progress, the 68W works with other medical professionals in Army healthcare centers and hospitals.

Army 68W Responsibilities And Duties

So what are the responsibilities and duties of the 68W? Let’s take a look…

  • Give emergency medical treatment to wounded personnel
  • Assist with care in medical care facilities
  • Manage medical readiness for soldiers which includes medical supplies and equipment
  • Work as instructors for soldiers in the Combat First Respond and Lifesaver course

These are just a few of the responsibilities.

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Requirements To Become an Army 68W

Following are the basic requirements to become an Army Combat Medic:

  • No security clearance required
  • ASVAB score of 107 in General Technical and 101 in Skilled Technical
  • Moderately Heavy strength requirement
  • a PULHES of 222121

Training For The Army 68W

Like any other soldier, the 68W must attend approximately 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT) where he/she will learn how to be a soldier first and foremost. From there, it is off to Fort Sam Houston for Advanced Individual Training for 16 weeks.

There he/she will learn the skills to take care of battlefield wounded.

There are also many Additional Skill Identifiers the 68W can learn and earn:

  • M3 – Dialysis
  • M6 – Practical/Vocational Nurse
  • N1 – Aircraft Crewmember Standardization Instruction
  • N3 – Occupational Therapy
  • and many others

Training is rigid, so be prepared.

Final Thoughts

It is an honorable thing to be an Army Combat Medic. You may even earn the Medal of Honor like these:

  • Desmond Doss who served in World War II and had a movie about his time at Hacksaw Ridge
  • Joseph LaPointe Jr. who served in Vietnam and posthumously was awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Thomas Bennett who also served in Vietnam and was also posthumously given the Medal of Honor
  • Gary Rose who served in special forces in Laos. A extraordinary man, you should read about his actions here.

I hope you found this delightful to read and if there are any 68W’s reading this, please tell us more.




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