Army 68A MOS Overview: Biomedical Equipment Specialist

When you consider all the various medical equipment used by Army medical personnel in different locations, there has to be someone who maintains and services that equipment. That is the job of the Army 68A: Biomedical Equipment Specialist.

This is an Army job that is in great need. There are not a lot of 68A’s and the Army seeks more.

Today, I am going to give you an overview of the Biomedical Equipment Specialist, 68A MOS.

army 68a mos

Army 68A Basic Job Description

The primary job of the Army 68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist is to service and maintain all medical equipment used by Army medical staff.

Army 68A Responsibilities And Duties

I am going to try and list off the primary responsibilities and duties for this military occupational specialty. I doubt I will cover them all, but you will get a good idea.

  • Service and maintain medical equipment with mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, digital, optical and radiological properties.
  • Troubleshooting and checking equipment for any malfunctions or defects.
  • Verifying the unit is calibrated properly using test measuring device equipment.
  • Replacing malfunctioning or defective parts and/or boards on medically related equipment.
  • Figure out power and space requirements for medical equipment installations.
  • Prepare and submit medical equipment reports.
  • Etc…

Requirements To Become an Army 68A

It will help a lot if you have “aced” math in school.

The requirements to become a 68A are:

  • PULHES 222221
  • Physical demands are moderately heavy
  • You need an ASVAB score of 107 in Electronics (EL). That is a combination of General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, and Electronics Information.
  • No security clearance requirements
  • Do not have to be a U.S. citizen
  • Normal color vision
  • No records of convictions in civilian or military courts for anything other than traffic tickets

Training For The Army 68A

As with others, you will first have to successfully complete Basic Combat Training. Once finished, you will go to Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas where you will go through several phases of Advanced Individual Training. You will work in the classroom and also hands on with different medical devices.

Once you have successfully completed AIT, you could be sent to any number of military stations around the world.

Final Thoughts

This is a great MOS for your later, after Army outlook. There is a great need for this skill in the civilian world. And the pay is great.

There really isn’t a lot of information online about this MOS. If you are, or was a 68A, please tell our readers more about your job. Watch this video to learn more:

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!

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