Army 25D MOS Overview: Cyber Network Defender

Today, I am going to provide a basic overview of the Army 25D MOS: Cyber Network Defender.

In these days of high technology, war and defense of our nation has required new jobs within the United States Army.

Daily, there are attacks against military cyber networks, as well as the networks of corporations and allies of the United States.

The Army 25D MOS is trained to defend these cyber networks using their knowledge, training and tools the Army provides to keep the cyber data and systems safe and secure.

Army 25D MOS Basic Job Description

The Army 25D essentially sits in a vault and protects, monitors, detects, analyzes, and responds to unauthorized cyberspace domain actions. They also install and administer defense measures that include firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Being this is a fairly new MOS, many of the cyber responsibilities that other jobs performed have been moved under the 25D.

army 25d mos

Army 25D MOS Responsibilities And Duties

The responsibilities and duties of the 25D Cyber Network Defender are numerous. Some of the primary ones include:

  • Tests, implements and installs infrastructure hardware and software
  • Assesses vulnerabilities and threats
  • Responds to crisis or urgent situations within the network to control immediate and potential cyber threats
  • Studies defensive measures and information collected from a variety of sources to identify, analyze, and report events that occur or might occur within the network in order to protect information, information systems, and networks from threats
  • Provides detailed reports
  • Etc…

Requirements To Become an Army 25D MOS

You cannot just become an Army 25D straight out of Basic Training. The requirements are:

  • Must possess the an E6 rank
  • Must have had scored a 105 in General Technical and Skilled Technical of the ASVAB
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be recommended by the Battalion Commander
  • Top Secret Security Clearance

There will be screenings to ensure the soldier has a strong ethical background too.

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Training For The Army 25D MOS

When recommended, the soldier will travel to Fort Gordon, Georgia for 14 weeks of classroom and hands on training. You will learn about conducting both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations.

From looking at various soldiers who have been a 25D, you will work closely with civilian contractors.

Final Thoughts

It is an important area that the United States Army and Department of Defense must be on top of. Cyber space is the war zone now. The military who controls cyber space is the superpower as I see it.

We would love to hear from any current 25Ds. Please tell us more about this position… Well as much as you can anyway since it is a high secret MOS.

Do you have questions or feedback? Just post it below. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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2 thoughts on “Army 25D MOS Overview: Cyber Network Defender”

  1. I’d like a more detailed typical workday of a 25D. What kind of tasks should I expect to do on a normal basis? I am looking to re-enlist and change my MOS from a 15N to a 25D.

    1. @ CLARENCE, I reclassed to being a 25D in 2019. Not once have I been able to do any duties associated with what I learned from the 25D course of SLC (which includes GMON, GSNA, and GSLC – seriously valuable certs). I’ve dropped my packet to switch to Space Force. Most (at least 15 out of 20) of the SLC class I was with is already out of the Army and in really decent to really amazing jobs. Only 2 of the 25Ds that were in my class actually do their jobs. On top of that, not only are we doing a cyber defense job, but we fall under signal, so no SDAP or CAIP. So, that 17C that is a rank below you is making more than you. There is zero incentive to continue in this dead MOS. Don’t be tricked by them waving up front money and the next rank. Good luck.

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