Army 25C MOS: Radio Operator/Maintainer

If we were to interview multiple successful leaders, be it in the civilian world or within the military about the most important aspects of leadership, I dare to say that communication would be quite near the top of the list.

Without proper communication, organizations would run in a chaotic manner if they ran at all.

The United States Army is one of those organizations. Communication is a primary factor in moving troops and in tactical battle moves. It is imperative that communication channels are always in good working order so leaders can guide troops and their equipment to their most competent placements.

One of the people that ensure that communication channels remain in top working order is the Army 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer.

In today’s post, I am going to provide you with a basic job description for this Army job. I will tell you the Army 25C’s major duties and responsibilities. I will also give you the requirements needed to become an Army 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer. You will also understand the training you will receive when you choose this MOS.

Let’s review the Army 25C MOS: Radio Operator/Maintainer.

Army 25C Basic Job Description

While this MOS says radio operator, I believe maintainer should be first on the list. The job consists of keeping communication equipment in good working order. Installation and maintenance is the prime duty of the Army 25C. This will mean testing equipment and also performing any preventive maintenance required to keep transmitting devices in good working order.

Army 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer Duties and Responsibilities

When communication equipment is present, you can be sure that there is also an Army 25C in the vicinity.

The primary duties and responsibilities this Army MOS has are:

  • Installation of single channel radios, enhanced net control stations, radio teletypewriters and Army Special Operations communications equipment.

  • Preventive maintenance on all the above.

  • Installation of power generators.

  • Preventive maintenance on power generators.

  • Installs communication security devices.

  • Preventive maintenance on communication security devices.

  • Operates all the above by receiving, recording and processing messages.

  • Supervises subordinates on all the above duties.

  • Directs installation of radios and antennas.

  • Is adept at flag and hand signals.

  • Is competent at recognizing and countering electronic counter-measures.

  • Much more.

As part of the United States Army Signal Corps, the Army 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer is completely competent in matters that relate to Army communications. His/her duties can vary in almost any area that means having operational communications.

Prerequisites and Requirements to Become an Army 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer

Like any Army military occupational specialty, there are certain requirements that a person must have before they can get that particular Army job. These are the prerequisites to attain the Army 25C MOS:

  • Be a United States citizen

  • Be able to attain a Secret security clearance

  • Physical profile of 111221

  • ASVAB score of 98 in Surveillance and Communications (SC) and a 98 in Electronics (EL)

  • Clear English annunciation

  • 25 words per minute typing

Those are the basic requirements to become an Army 25C.

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Training To Become An Army 25C MOS: Radio Operator/Maintainer

The training for this Army MOS first requires you to become an Army warrior. You will first have to attend and pass Basic Combat Training (BCT) where you will be taught the basic principals of being an Army soldier. You will learn combat maneuvers and how to handle yourself in difficult situations.

From that point, you will spend the next approximately 3 months at the home of the United States Signal Corps, Fort Gordon, Georgia.

This will be the location of your Advanced Individual Training (AIT). You will learn such things as:

  • Mechanical and electronic principles

  • The procedures for performing preventive maintenance on communications equipment

  • Wiring techniques

  • Line installation for communications equipment

  • Communication security policies and procedures

You will spend time in classroom settings, along with being in the field performing hands on procedures.

Once you successfully pass your AIT, your learning does not end. Once you are in the field you will keep learning, because there is a wide variety of Army communications equipment…Much more than you could possibly learn in just 3 months.

The personnel who have been working in the 25C MOS will teach you more in an on the job training atmosphere.

Many ask if they will be in combat situations in this MOS, and I will say that it is possible. Communications are quite important in conflicts, and the MOS you chose means that you are responsible for maintaining those communication channels.

Final Thoughts

The job of Army 25C is very important, as Army communications are a mandatory means of proper Army operations.

We would love to hear from any current or former Radio Operator/Maintainers. Tell us more about the job you perform in the U.S. Army please.

I also want to mention that this Army MOS can lead to a wide variety of civilian opportunities, because communications is also quite important in the civilian world too.

Please leave any comments or questions you have below. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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