Army 21Q MOS: The Transmission and Distribution Specialist

Today, we’re going to discuss the Army 21Q MOS, the Transmission and Distribution Specialist.  I’ve never served in this MOS myself, but I do find it fascinating.  One thing I found online is that this MOS is ONLY for Soldiers serving in the Army Reserve and National Guard.  It’s not available to Active Duty Soldiers.  Please talk with your local Army recruiter to confirm that.

21Q MOS Duties, Responsibilities and Job Description

Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities of Soldiers serving in this great MOS:

  • Install electrical and transmission distribution systems
  • Assist in the erection of utility poles
  • Install guides, cross-arms, conductors, insulators, and other line hardware on utility poles
  • Install, maintain or adjust transformers, constant current regulators, voltage regulators, disconnect switches, lightning arrestors, system ground, risers and services props
  • Cut, splice and install underground and overhead primary and secondary conductors
  • Install and maintain electrical substations
  • Install and maintain airfield, heliport and security lighting systems
  • Perform operator maintenance on vehicles and equipment

Pre-Requisites for 21Q

To serve in the 21Q MOS you must meet the following requirements:

  • No security clearance is needed
  • You do not need to be a U.S. citizen (unless it changed)
  • Normal color vision is required
  • Score a 93 or higher on the EL portion of the ASVAB test

Helpful Job Skills

Here are a few skills that can help you succeed in this job.

  • Enjoy heights
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of math and engineering
  • Ability to focus
  • Work good on a team

AIT Training for 21Q Soldiers

To the best of my knowledge, the AIT for this MOS is at Fort Leonardwood.  I believe it is nine weeks long.  Some of the skills you will learn include:

  • How to maintain electrical power distribution systems
  • How to install poles and accessories and transformers
  • How to maintain airfield lighting systems and overhead/underground lines
  • And much more! 

Career Opportunities

Once again, this MOS is only for Soldiers in the Army Reserve and National Guard (correct me if I am wrong).  If you are looking to have a civilian career working for a phone company, utility company or as an electrician, this would be the perfect MOS for you.  You could learn a great trade that offers upward mobility and great pay.

If you plan on making a career out of the Army Reserve or National Guard, you can work your way up through the enlisted ranks.  You could also serve as an instructor, trainer, Drill Sergeant, TAC NCO, or in a leadership position.  There are also opportunities to become a commissioned officer, if you meet certain qualifications.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the 21Q MOS is a great MOS for someone who wants to serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard and have a great civilian career working for a utility company, phone company or as an electrician.  You will learn plenty of real world skills that are in demand.  It’s a challenging, fun and rewarding MOS.

On a side note, I would love to hear from you.  If you’ve ever served as a Transmission and Distribution Specialist, I would love to hear your story.  Please tell us where you were assigned, what you did, what you learned, what your duties and responsibilities were, and what you recommend for anyone considering this MOS.  I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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1 thought on “Army 21Q MOS: The Transmission and Distribution Specialist”

  1. Very cool that this MOS is only open to citizen soldiers in the National Guard and Reserves. This would be a great opportunity for anyone who has, or has wanted, to serve as a lineman, electrician or electrical maintenance worker for public or private entities. It also provides a great career paths for people once they return to civilian life.

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