Army 21E MOS: Heavy Construction Equipment Operator

Today, we’re going to discuss the Army 21E MOS: Heavy Construction Equipment Operator.

Army operations require construction in many formats. From pitching a tent to building an entire Fort, Army personnel are used to do most of this construction. One of the soldiers who is involved in the construction process is the Army 21E MOS: Heavy Construction Equipment Operator.

In today’s post, we are going to examine this Army job in great detail. I will provide a basic description of the heavy construction equipment operator. I will explain their duties and responsibilities. Plus, I will also tell you the requirements to become a heavy construction equipment operator, and I will also tell you what training is required to attain this Army MOS.

Army 21E MOS Basic Job Description

The heavy construction equipment operator is trained and skilled in the operation of various forms of heavy equipment for the means of constructing Army buildings and fortifications. Equipment may include cranes, bulldozers, graders and more. The Army 21E can manage both wheeled and track driven equipment.

Army 21E MOS Duties & Responsibilities

A construction process can be stressful, and the Army 21E MOS is there to handle and help others manage that stress. The heavy construction equipment operator’s duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Interpreting grade stake information

  • Loading and unloading, along with driving a tractor trailer with heavy construction equipment

  • Stripping, clearing, excavating, back filling and stockpiling brush and earth to make way for light construction processes

  • Assisting with combat engineer operations

  • Lifting and moving heavy materials using a crane or hoist

  • Digging holes and trenches using a backhoe or excavator

  • Training, and assisting those new to this job

This is just a small portion of the duties and responsibilities this Army job requires. You will essentially do what needs to be done to get the Army job done right.

Requirements To Become An Army 21E MOS

The requirements to become an Army 21E MOS consist of:

  • Have normal color vision

  • An ASVAB score of 90 in GM (General Maintenance)

  • Physical profile of 222221

  • Must have a valid State driver’s license

  • There is no security clearance required

The heavy construction equipment operator physical demands are very heavy. There may be moments of heavy lifting, and they will also need to do some maintenance to the equipment they operate.

Training To Become An Army Heavy Construction Equipment Operator

As with all entry level Army jobs, soldiers are first trained to be warriors. The first few weeks will be spent in Basic Combat Training (BCT), where you will learn what it takes to survive, defend and protect in cases of wars and battles.

When you have completed Basic Combat Training, the next stop is Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to the United States Army Engineer Center and School. For approximately 8 weeks you will learn what you need to know in the operation of Army heavy equipment.

The first part of this course will introduce the course, what is needed to successfully complete the course, safety and environmental concerns, etc… After that, the course goes into the operation of heavy equipment. Much of this will be hands on training.

When the soldier completes the training for heavy construction equipment operator, he/she will have to attend 8 days of Battle Focused Training (BFT), which is designed to reinforce battle drills and warrior skills.

Training as a heavy equipment operator never completely ends. Once you are in the field, the machinery you are operating may be different from the equipment you learned on. Soldiers who have more experience will teach you, and you will also be responsible to learn more on your own.

Many soldiers in this MOS also take classes for additional skill identifiers in construction related fields. Some of those may be:

  • Well driller

  • Crane operator

  • and more

After Army Possibilities

This Army MOS opens a plethora of job opportunities in the civilian world. There are many construction companies in need of heavy equipment operators. Also this job can lead to leadership positions in the construction field. The possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

The position of Army 21E heavy construction equipment operator is a wise choice. You will be helping to build Army resources, and you will be gaining experience that can be a great benefit in life after Army service.

We would like to hear from any of you who hold this Army MOS. Please tell us more about the training and what types of jobs you have done since you became an Army 21E.

You can post all comments, suggestions and questions in the comment section at the end of this post. Thank you for visiting.

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