Army 19K MOS: Top 7 Cool Facts

Are you considering what job to shoot for when you join the United States Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserves?

Maybe you have a friend or family member who told you they were a 19K and you want to know what their Army job is.

Well today, I am going to explain what the Army 19K MOS is and I will give you 7 cool facts about this Military Occupational Specialty(MOS).

Let’s get on with it…

What Is An Army 19K?

The Army 19K is an Armored Crewman on an M1 Abrams Tank. He/she is 1 of 4 soldiers operating the M1 Tank.

The M1 Abrams has been a primary tank of use by the United States Army since production began in 1980. It has been used in battles and conflicts since that time.

10 Cool Facts About Army 19K MOS

Okay, let’s see how much you know…

Fact #1: Primary Duties

Overall, the Army 19K has many responsibilities. They must know that Abrams Tank inside and out. As good as they know their self.

But, the primary duties include:

  • Operation of both tracked and wheeled vehicles over a variety of terrains.
  • The ability to read maps, compasses and battle plans.
  • The use of communication equipment.
  • Loading and firing weapons.
  • and much more…

Fact #2: The Most Dangerous Part

While rolling an M1 Abrams Tank into battle carries dangers, the tank is actually more safe than many other jobs on or near the battlefield… As long as you are in it.

The danger comes if there is a mechanical failure or the tracks slip.

This is when the Army 19K must leave the safety of that tank to perform maintenance.

So 19K’s are taught how to quickly, and safely perform maintenance activities in the midst of battle.

Fact #3: 19K Qualifications

To become an Army 19K Armored Crewman, there are certain requirements or qualifications. These consist of:

  • Very heavy physical rating
  • ASVAB score of 90 or above in CO (Combat Operations)
  • PULHES 111121
  • No taller than 6 foot 1 inch
  • 20/20 in 1 eye and 20/100 in other
  • Normal color vision

Fact #4: Training

As all soldiers, a 19K must first complete Army Basic Combat Training (BCT). Upon completion, the soldier is then deployed to Fort Benning to be trained at the United States Army Armor School.

Fact #5: Skill Levels

Just as in almost any job, you can receive more responsibilities and usually more pay as you grow in the skills of the job you have.

The 19K has 4 skill levels… Skill level 3 holds the position of Tank Commander while skill level 4 puts the soldier in the position of Platoon Command Sergeant.

Fact #6: One Of The Safest Places In War

Looking at statistics since the development of the Abrams Tank, the soldiers in that tank are in a safe zone.

No one has been killed in action inside an Abrams Tank since it was developed. That doesn’t count for the ones who had to dismount or that poor Commander who must stick his head up from time to time.

So essentially, it is a safe job… Until you become Tank Commander and must be the mole in whack-a-mole.

Fact #7: Additional Skill Identifiers

As a 19K, you can add to your expertise by accepting additional training and adding these additional skill identifiers to your portfolio:

  • Master Gunnery M1 Tank – A8 & K8
  • Master Gunnery M60A3 Tank – D8
  • Armored Gun System Operations and Maintenance – G4
  • Master Gunnery AGS – G8
  • M1A2 Tank Operations and Maintenance – K4
  • Master Fitness Trainer – P5
  • and Battle Staff Operations for skill level 3 and above – 2S

Final Thoughts

How about those armor guys? Maybe us grunts gave you a hard time, but we love ya.

So let’s hear from any of you 19Ks. Just post your questions and comments below. Thanks for visiting and all you do.

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