Army 18D MOS: Special Forces Medical Sergeant

I have been writing posts about the various military occupational specialties in the Army Special Forces. Every member of a Special forces team has a specific skill that is used to have a finely manufactured Special Forces squad.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at the Army 18D MOS: Special Forces Medical Sergeant. I will give you a basic job description. I will tell you the responsibilities and duties of the Special Forces Medical Sergeant. I will also tell you the prerequisites and requirements to become an 18D. You will learn what training you will receive if you choose to become an Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

Always remember, that as a member of a Special Forces unit, members have a primary duty to complete their mission. This means that just because a person has one certain skill, they may have to adapt to the situation they face. The 18D is trained to save lives, but he is also trained to take lives when it is called for.

Army 18D Basic Job Description

The Special Forces Medical Sergeant is trained to use whatever means necessary to care for and treat the medical needs of his team members or allied forces. He will use conventional or unconventional methods to solve medical issues in any situation that arises.

But, the Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant is also a trained soldier. When need be, he is also a warrior who is able to take the lives of enemy combatants when the mission calls for him to do so.

Army 18D Duties and Responsibilities

While the duties and responsibilities are numerous for the Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant, I am listing some of the primary ones here:

  • Ensures detachment medical readiness.

  • Establishes and manages a stock of medical supplies.

  • Establishes and supervises temporary and unconventional medical facilities.

  • Coordinates and manages medical facilities within their area of operation.

  • Provides initial medical screenings of personnel.

  • Instructs field medical personnel.

  • Manages medical evacuation procedures.

  • Manages and supervises the handling of medical records, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals within his area of operation.

  • Diagnoses and treats various conditions in regards to dermatological, obstetric, infectious and pediatric conditions using the proper medications and procedures.

  • Develops and provides medical intelligence.

  • Provides medical advice and guidance to the unit Commander and staff.

  • Plans and executes medical cross training procedures.

  • Also responsible in some cases with veterinarian diagnoses and treatment of animals.

  • Much more!

Anything within Army Special Forces medical areas will have an Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant involved.

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Requirements and Prerequisites to Become an Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant

I must first say that when you have made the decision to join the Army Special Forces, you do not really have the choice as to what MOS you will be given. This is chosen for you at some point during the training process, but those soldiers who have prior medical experience will stand a better chance of attaining the 18D MOS.

These are some of the requirements:

  • Be a United States citizen

  • Have a rank of E4 to E7

  • Have a minimum of 24 months Time in Service remaining, or be willing to extend or reenlist.

  • Not be barred to reenlistment or under suspension

  • No court martial convictions or Article 15 disciplinary actions

  • Never terminated from Special Forces, Rangers or Airborne duties unless for extreme family issues

  • Never have had more than 30 days of lost time

  • Have a minimum score of 229 on the APFT with no events having a score less than 60

  • Must be able to swim 50 meters in combat uniform, including boots before starting the Special Forces Qualification Course

  • Have, or able to attain Secret Security Clearance

Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant Training

The training for Special Forces personnel is held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but the initial phase will require that you are Airborne certified. You will first have to travel to Fort Benning, Georgia to complete and pass Airborne training. After that you will:

  • Spend 4 weeks in the Special Operations Preparation Course. This will get you adjusted to the hell you are about to go through.

Now you will start the Special Forces Qualification Course which is 6 phases. They are:

  1. 7 weeks of course orientation and history. You will understand what the Special Forces came from and where they are going. You will also learn some leadership techniques.

  2. For 18 to 24 weeks, you will learn about language and culture. You will learn basic languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian and more, and also the use of interpreters. You will have to pass an Oral Proficiency Interview before moving on.

  3. This is the Tactical Combat phase. For 12 weeks you will be trained in Special Forces combat techniques in using both weapons and bare hands. In this phase, you will also complete SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

  4. This phase is the MOS training phase. If you are chosen as an 18D, you will have a very long MOS training phase. All other MOS positions in Special Forces train for nearly 3 months, but the 18D will spend 50+ weeks in training. You will learn all the medical knowledge you need to start out as an Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant, but do know that there will probably be more follow up training as needed.

  5. This is the Robin Sage phase. For 1 month, you and your Special Forces team will work in several counties in North Carolina on “mock” Special Forces missions. You will be using the knowledge you gained through all this training in realistic exercises. This stage will test your character, stamina and the ability to use what you have learned.

  6. This is the graduation stage. For 1 week, you will have a smile of appreciation that you have run these weeks through hell, and no matter what enemies of the United States throw at us, you and your team will endure by following your orders and training. You will be given the coveted Green Beret and be recognized as an Army 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

The training is hard, but it has to be. This is why the United States has the best trained Special Forces soldiers in the world.

Final Thoughts

The Army 18D must have a solid mind. They are in a position where in one moment they have to take a person’s life and in the next, save a person’s life.

Do you have what it takes? If you think you do, I suggest you see a recruiter or your Army career counselor and sign up to take the SFQC.

I would love to hear from former or current 18D’s. Tell us more about this Special Forces job please. How long were you or have you been an 18D?

Thank you for your service, and if you have comments, suggestions or questions, you can post them in the comment area below.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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