Army 180A Warrant Officer: Special Forces Warrant Officer

When you look at the complete team of an Army Special Forces unit, you will see some highly exceptional soldiers. With each of these units, there is normally one who has even more specialties. Yes, there is always a Commander, but just under we find the Army 180A Warrant Officer. This Special Forces Warrant Officer came in the Army as an enlisted soldier, and has worked their way up to attain this position.

In today’s post, I am going to examine Army 180A Warrant Officer: Special Forces Warrant Officer. I will give a basic description of this Warrant Officer. I will provide a look at their responsibilities and duties. We will look at the requirements to become an Army 180A Warrant Officer. And I will also explain the training required to enter this position.

Basic Description of the Army 180A Warrant Officer

The Army 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer is first and foremost a leader. They know their team inside and out and can act as an integral medium between the enlisted Special Forces soldiers and the Special Forces Commander.

The Army 180A is well versed in all aspects of Special Forces operation and tactics. Not only are they a combat efficient soldier, they are a Staff Officer that will help support both the enlisted Soldier and the Commissioned Officer.

Army 180A Warrant Officer’s Duties and Responsibilities

It would probably be impossible to list each and every responsibility the Army 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer could have. Do to the ever changing atmosphere in Army Special Forces, the Army 180A could find themselves in a variety of different duties. But, these are some of the primary responsibilities:

  • Could be an integral part of the Commander’s personal staff.

  • Subject matter expert in conventional and unconventional warfare.

  • Expert in operational intelligence.

  • Advise commanders in matters relating to Special Operations.

  • Trainers and integrator’s of new technologies.

  • Leading task oriented Special Force Operations as directed.

  • Serve as assistant detachment commander, or as detachment commander in the absence of the commander.

  • Manage all part of staff operations within their Special Forces unit.

  • Is responsible for collective security.

  • Responsible for counter terrorism operations.

  • Supporter of civil affairs.

  • Supports deception activities and requirements.

  • Any other duties needed to support and maintain United States Army Special Forces.

It is quite plain that the Army 180A Special Force Warrant Officer has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. The individual who undertakes this position must be able to handle stress and adapt to many different situations and conditions.

Requirements to Become an Army 180A Warrant Officer

These are the minimum prerequisites or requirements to become an Army 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer. Some prerequisites can be waived on a case by case basis.

  • Must hold a CMF for 18 months.

  • Must be a Staff Sergeant (E6) or higher.

  • Must have letters of recommendation from the following individuals: Special Forces Group Commander, Special Forces Command Chief Warrant Officer, Special Forces Battalion Commander and Special Forces Company Commander.

  • Must have a minimum of 3 years experience of assignment to a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha. This must be reflected in NCOERs.

  • Must have a minimum Defense Language Aptitude Battery score of 85 or the DA Form 330 (under 1 year old) with at least a 1/1 language proficiency.

  • Must have USAREC Form 3.1 (formerly 1932) completed, and meet the medical fitness standards.

Again, these are just the bare minimum requirements, and of course, you will have to meet the requirements to become a Warrant Officer. Also, this job is closed to women.

Training For Army 180A Special Forces Warrant Officers

The individual who is applying for the 180A Warrant Officer is already adapted to how Special Forces operate, since they have been a part of Special Forces for several years. The priority with the 180A training is to develop a strong leader.

For 20 weeks, the individual will attend the Warrant Officer Tactical and Technical Certification Course and the Special Forces Warrant Officer Advanced Course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina’s Special Forces Warrant Officer Institute.

These courses develop highly capable combat leaders, and innovative soldiers to carry out their roles as an 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer.

As these Warrant Officers move forward, they could very well find themselves back at the Special Forces Warrant Officer Institute in Fort Bragg for more specialized training.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering what this position can mean for those who are leaving the Army; the leadership these men perform can lead to many positions of responsibility across corporate America. Many even start their own consulting businesses and help to develop business leaders.

We would love to hear the views of a current or former 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer. Please tell us more about the position, and what it entails.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, you can post them in the comment area at the end of this post. Thanks for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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