Army 17C MOS: Cyber Operations Specialist

War and the possibilities of war are an ever-changing creature. When we look back in time, we can see how technologies have created different formats for war, and for the defense of the United States and her citizens.

We can see when men fought in group formations and then guerrilla warfare created a new method. We watched as horses were replaced with tanks. Plus, we have seen weapons grow more technologically advanced.

And now, the war has reached the storage of data via cyber space. The internet has opened a whole new zone in which enemies are using to recruit and to attack.

To stay ahead of the enemies of the United States, we must have personnel who can operate cyber systems to defend the data resources of the United States government, military and civilian corporations whose operations rely on the world wide web and banks of computers.

In 2010, the United States Army Cyber Command was created.

This command has the responsibilities of defending Army data within cyber space. They also are training to attack enemies via cyber channels. It is a full cyber spectrum, and as such, U.S. Army Cyber Command must have personnel trained to operate Army cyber systems.

In today’s post, we are going to examine one of the newest Military Occupational Specialties in the Army: Army 17C Cyber Operations Specialist.

I will give you a basic job description. I will provide some of the duties and responsibilities of the Army job. And, I will tell you the requirements to become a 17C, and also the training involved. But first, watch this video…

Army 17C Cyber Operations Specialist Basic Job Description

The basic job of Cyber Operations Specialist is to support the full range of military operations by providing both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations. This will mean enabling actions across all domains and generating effects by doing so.

Cyber Operations Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

The MOS 17C is quite new and responsibilities will continue to grow as time moves forward. Some of the duties and responsibilities these soldiers will have include, but are not limited to:

  • Interactive cyber operations

  • Exploitation analyst

  • Cyber defense analyst

  • Cyber security

  • Detection of cyber attacks

  • Responding to cyber attacks

  • much more…

This MOS carries a top secret designation and at this time, the duties this job requires are not public knowledge. This is understandable because cyber enemies could use that information to create cyber havoc.

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Requirements To Become a 17C Cyber Operations Specialist

As this MOS is quite new, the Army opened a huge window so soldiers within other military occupational specialties could transition to the 17C. It is not currently an entry level position to my understanding.

According to the MILPER Message, the following requirements are needed for soldiers to reclassify to the 17C MOS:

  • Physical profile of 222221

  • A minimum of 110 on GT and 112 on ST aptitude areas of the ASVAB

  • Must have a minimum of Secret clearance with the ability to attain Top Secret clearance

  • Soldiers cannot have any adverse information in military or civilian records that could affect a security clearance

  • Soldiers must take and pass a counter intelligence polygraph examination

  • Must have 3 years or more remaining on time of service

This is what I can find at this point on the requirements to become a 17C. As I stated, with this being such a new position, these requirements can change at any time. It is best that you speak to a career counselor if the Army 17C position is something you desire.

Training For Army 17C: Cyber Operations Specialist

There are 2 phases for training soldiers transitioning into the 17C MOS. The first phase begins at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. Phase 2 will be held at the United States Army Cyber Center of Excellence located at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Once finished, soldiers will attend the Advanced Leaders Course and the Senior Leaders Course.

To understand it completely, soldiers can download the information packet at this website.

Why You Should Consider The MOS 17C

An education in cyber technology is an excellent choice for your future. The world is moving into a cyber culture. Also, you will be helping to protect the resources of the United States Army and also the many civilians and corporations who rely on computer technology to make a living.

Final Thoughts

As time moves on, I believe that we are going to find wars fought more in cyber space than we will between human soldiers. We must stay ahead of our enemies in regards to cyber activities. The soldiers who choose to take the 17C MOS will essentially be the front line soldiers in the wars of cyberspace.

What are your thoughts? We appreciate your opinions, suggestions, and we will attempt to answer any questions you might have. Just post them below.

We also would love to hear from any soldiers who have transitioned into the 17C MOS. Please tell us what you can about this Army job.

Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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