Army 15R MOS: AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Repairer

If you love maintenance, helicopters and excitement, the Army 15R MOS (AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Repairer) might just be the perfect fit for you.  To keep it simple, Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for maintaining the Apache AH-64 helicopter.

Here is a brief list of duties and responsibilities of the 15R MOS:

  • Interpret and follow interactive electronic manuals
  • Keep proper service records
  • Use tools of the trade such as the torque wrench, jack screws and ratchets
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions in onboard system
  • Repair or replace mechanical parts such as the rotor blade, gear boxes, generators, horizontal stabilizers, turbine engine, etc.
  • Perform periodic maintenance
  • Support Army operations in the field day or night
  • Replace brake linings in landing gear
  • Adjust pitch of the rotor blade
  • Remove aircraft from storage
  • Operate aviation ground pressure unit
  • Keep track of common tools
  • Clear debris from airfield
  • Document nature of repairs in log book
  • Change oil in aircraft
  • Check lines and hoses for leaks
  • Clean the aircraft

This is by no means a complete list of what you will do, but is instead a general overview.  The bottom line is that you maintain the Apache Attack Helicopter.

Qualifications for 15N MOS

This is definitely one of the harder MOSs to qualify for.  In you want this MOS you will need normal color vision, an ASVAB score of 100 or higher in categories AS+MC+EI, and no drug or alcohol related charges.  You also need a PULHES of 222211.  This MOS is open to males and females and you do not need to be a U.S. citizen to join this MOS.  Also, the physical demands are moderately heavy. Talk to your local recruiter to find out the current details.

15N AIT at Fort Eustis

The AIT is 14 to 16 weeks long and is at Fort Eustis, Virginia.   During AIT you will receive training on the following things:

  • How to use the Unit Level Logistics System – (ULLS-A); to perform AVUM and AVIM tasks, to include component removal, inspection, and requisitioning of repair parts
  • How to identify common, precision and special tools
  • How to identify on the AH-64A (or D) Attack Helicopter
  • Shop and flight line safety procedures
  • Removing and installing aircraft subsystem assemblies such as engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, mechanical flight controls and their components
  • Servicing and lubricating aircraft and subsystems
  • Preparing aircraft for inspections and maintenance checks
  • Performing scheduled inspections and assisting in performing special inspections
  • Inspecting and repairing aircraft wings, fuselages and tail assemblies
  • Servicing and repairing aircraft landing gear
  • Repairing or replacing starters, lights, batteries, wiring and other electrical parts

Life After the Military

This is a great MOS for anyone who wants a career in aircraft maintenance, inside or outside of the military.  If you choose to stay in the military, you can move up through the enlisted ranks or become a Warrant Officer.  If you decide to leave the military, you could work for any civilian, state or government organization with helicopters.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Army 15R Apache Helicopter Repairer MOS is a challenging and important MOS.  If you like helicopters, maintenance and a big challenge this might just be the perfect fit for you.  Not only does it offer great opportunities within the Army, but it also gives you a great trade skill that you can use for a civilian career as well.

What are your thoughts?  If you spent any time in the 15R MOS, I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below to tell us what you liked and disliked about the MOS, where you were stationed, and what your experience was like.  I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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4 thoughts on “Army 15R MOS: AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Repairer”

  1. This MOS will no longer exist in the Guard next year when the active component takes all of their Apaches.

    1. Wow, I wonder why they won’t keep a few Apaches available to the Guard. It seems that they should so that Guard members can still have the capabilities of knowing these great machines. If Guard forces get deployed, they will not have the advantage of knowing the Apaches and it will be left to full Army forces? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. If I were enlisting in the Army in these days and times, this would be an MOS I would absolutely attempt to get. Just being able to maintain the great Apache helicopter would be payment enough.

    The best part about a position like this is the experience. Having the 15R MOS will get you great civilian employment after the time in the Army.

    It is good that the Army does have strict guidelines for obtaining this MOS. They need the best of the best working on these helicopters.

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