Army 150A Warrant Officer: Air Traffic Control Technician

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we did not have stop signs or traffic lights on our many roadways? The accidents would be numerous because of people’s greed. There has to be a pattern of control with vehicles, and that includes vehicles that fly in the skies above us.

If airports did not have air traffic control, planes, jets and helicopters could easily fly into each other, and the casualties would be outrageous. The military has many flying vehicles, and they must have control over when these flying machines take off, land and the routes they fly. The Army has those who handle air traffic with the flying equipment the Army has. One of the leaders when it comes to air traffic control is the Army 150A Warrant Officer: Air Traffic Control Technician.

In today’s post, we are going to research the Army 150A MOS. I will give you a brief job description for the 150A Air Traffic Control Technician. I will tell you their job duties and responsibilities. And, I will also explain the requirements to become an Army 150A Warrant Officer, along with the training required.

Come along and learn more about the Army 150A Warrant Officer: Air Traffic Control Technician.

Army 150A Job Description

While the Army has air traffic controllers, there must be someone who guides and leads them in their job duties. The Army 150A Warrant Officer is an expert in air traffic control, and is also a trained leader who can properly manage personnel who manage the ever increasing Army air traffic.

When we look at it deeper, as technology grows, so is the traffic in the skies. The Army 150A Air Traffic Control Technician must take into account not only Army manned flying equipment, but he/she must also keep track of unmanned aerial equipment, and any civilian aircraft that may be near Army airspace.

An Army 150A is a quick thinker, an excellent trainer and can help guide superior leaders in decisions that can effect the traffic in the skies and combat maneuvers in relation to aerial equipment.

Army 150A Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties of the Army Air Traffic Control Technician are numerous. Some of the primary duties are:

  • Analyzes Army air mishaps to help determine causes and methods to resolve.

  • Develops and integrates training methods and courses.

  • Provides advice and recommendations to Commanders and Staff in regards to air traffic.

  • Monitors and evaluates current air traffic control services, facilities and personnel, and offers improvement suggestions.

  • Is a resource manager and attains needed tools and equipment.

  • Manages and supervises air traffic control personnel.

  • Is knowledgeable of any and all Army and Government air traffic regulations, and offers suggestions for any changes that need to be made.

  • Much more.

The Army 150A Warrant Officer: Air Traffic Control Technician will have read the Army Field Manual 3-04.120 in and out. That Field Manual is about Air Traffic Service Operations, and the 150A Warrant Officer will refer to it often.

Requirements To Become An Army 150A Warrant Officer

The only MOS that will be accepted to apply for the position of 150A Warrant Officer is the MOS 15Q: Air Traffic Control. You must have at least 5 years experience in that position and as an E5 Sergeant or above. Other MOS positions can apply and will be considered, but first priority is given to 15Q.

The other requirements are:

  • Pass a Class IV Flying Duty Medical Examination that has been approved by the Commander of the United States Army Aeromedical Center.

  • Have 2 years of experience in an air traffic control leadership position such as Shift Leader or Team Leader. This experience must be documented in NCOERs.

  • Must have completed and passed Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) in a feeder MOS.

Other helpful qualifications that can almost guarantee the positions are:

  • 2 years of college at an accredited institution.

  • Any experience as an Air Traffic Controller with the Federal Aviation Agency.

Training To Become An Army 150A Warrant Officer

The first step to get this MOS is to become a Warrant Officer. This means you must be an E5 Sergeant or above and you will then attend the Warrant Officer Candidate School held at Fort Rucker, Alabama. The course lasts for 7 weeks and will train you in what it takes to lead, train and supervise soldiers in the U.S. Army. There are some prerequisites before you can attend WOCS. They are:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen

  • Have Secret or Top Secret Clearance

  • Meet APFT and Height/Weight standards

  • Must have at least 12 months remaining on enlistment contract

  • Must be under 33 years of age

After the training and acceptance as a Warrant Officer, the individual will stay there at Fort Rucker at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence for the training they need in 3 primary focus areas the job will entail:

  1. Air Traffic Services

  2. Airfield Management

  3. Air Space Management

The training will use both classroom and hands-on training. Situations and issues will be developed that will test the trainee on fast thinking and decision making in regards to air traffic control and the leadership of such.

As time moves forward, the training for this position has had changes. This is not an old MOS, as this position had been deleted in the 1980’s because of budget cuts. The Army realized that the Army 150A Warrant Officer was a very much needed position, and they reinstated it.

Final Thoughts

Being an Army 150A Warrant Officer can be stressful, but also quite satisfying. You will have a vital position in keeping those within Army aircraft safe.

This is also a position that can provide many opportunities in your after Army career possibilities. Those people who are capable of leading and training air traffic controllers are few and far.

We would love to hear from anyone who has, or had this MOS. Please tell us more about being an Air Traffic Control Technician. We value the work you do, and Army 150A’s probably do not receive the credit they deserve.

You can post any comments or questions in the area at the end of this post. I am installing some reference links for your benefit too. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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