Army 140E Warrant Officer: Air and Missile Defense Tactician/Technician

The operation and management of Army air and missile defenses is of major importance. The personnel tasked with this position have a lot on their shoulders. One error can cost many lives.

In today’s post, we are going to examine the Army 140E Warrant Officer: air and missile defense tactician/technician. I will tell you about this important Army job including the duties and responsibilities, the prerequisites to attain this position and the training involved.

If you are, or have been an Army 140E Warrant Officer, feel free to tell us more at the end of this post in the comments area.

Army 140E Warrant Officer Brief Overview

The Army has to be prepared for attacks from the air. Using the newest technology, highly trained personnel operate air and missile defense systems to destroy incoming enemy aircraft and other flying enemy weapons. The Army 140E Warrant Officer is a leader in the management and operation of these air and missile defense systems. A soldier who enlisted and started at the bottom, the Army 140E studied and worked quite hard to attain the position they now have that protects and defends Army soldiers and equipment along with citizens of the United States of America.

Army 140E Warrant Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The Army 140E Air and Missile Defense Tactician has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. I doubt there is any possible way I could list them all, but I will tell you some of the prime duties of this Warrant Officer:

  • He/she is a subject matter expert on operations and usage of the Air and Missile Defense System. They have different designations depending on their level. At battery level, they are deemed the Tactical Control Officer; at battalion level they are known as Tactical Director and at brigade level, they are the Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer.

  • Advise Commanders on tactical aspects of air and missile defense.

  • The identification of aircraft according to procedures, and the initiation of engagements.

  • Implement safety and security procedures in regards to the Air and Missile Defense System.

  • Supervising maintenance on air and missile defense systems.

  • Train and evaluate air and missile defense personnel.

  • Much more.

Any aspect of the Air and Missile Defense System will have the involvement and leadership of an Army 140E Warrant Officer.

Requirements and Prerequisites to Become an Army 140E Warrant Officer

There are many prerequisites to attain the position of Army 140E Warrant Officer. The primary prerequisites are:

  • Have a written recommendation from a CW3-CW5 Senior Warrant Officer who is a 140E.

  • Have 5 years of Army service.

  • Be a Staff Sergeant or above.

  • Have experience in MOS 94S, 14E, 14H or 14T.

  • At least 6 semester hours of college level English from an accredited college or university.

  • At least 6 semester hours of college level Math from an accredited college or university.

  • Have a minimum of 2 years experience in leadership in a feeder MOS that is documented in NCOERs.

  • Must be deployable.

  • Must meet all physical requirements by passing the APFT and meeting height/weight standards.

These are just the basic prerequisites. You will want to check for other requirements too. It can help if you have successfully completed the Patriot Master Gunner Course and/or served for 2 years as a Tactical Control Assistant and/or System Maintenance NCOIC.

It is also recommended that you read Army Field Manual 3-01 (44-100): U.S. Army Air and Missile Defense Operations. You can download it here.

Training to Become an Army 140E Warrant Officer

If you meet all the prerequisites, the first step in becoming an Army 140E is to attend the 7 week Warrant Officer Candidate School held at Fort Rucker, Alabama. At this school, you will learn basic leadership skills and there are some prerequisites you must meet before you can attend WOCS. They are:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen

  • Have Secret or Top Secret Clearance

  • Meet APFT and Height/Weight standards

  • Must have at least 12 months remaining on enlistment contract

  • Must be under 33 years of age

From that point, you will move to Fort Bliss, Texas where you will be trained in all aspects of your new position in Air and Missile Defense. You will learn the intricate parts of the Air and Missile Defense leadership responsibilities.

Once you have been completely trained in the aspects of the Army 140E Warrant Officer position, get prepared to be deployed to any part of the world. The management and operation of Air and Missile Defense Systems are a high priority within the United States Army.

Final Thoughts

This important position in the U.S. Army is an always learning job. As technology grows, the Army 140E must also grow with it. You can also take pride in knowing that you are protecting and defending United States resources, including personnel and equipment.

The leadership skills you will attain can lead to after Army possibilities that are endless.

We would like to hear from any who have held or still hold the Army 140E designation. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below. Thank you for visiting.

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