Army 13T MOS: Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember

Field artillery is used by the United States Army to aid infantry and cavalry units gain an advantage over enemy forces.

Weather plays a critical part in the use of field artillery, so the Army has trained personnel who monitor weather conditions to give commanders needed information in the setup and use of field artillery.

In today’s post, we are going to examine the Army personnel who play a critical role in the utilization of field artillery. We will look at the Army 13T MOS: field artillery surveyor/meteorological crewmember.

I will give a basic job description of this military occupational specialty. I will also tell you the responsibilities and duties of the Army 13T. You will know the requirements to become a field artillery surveyor, and you will also be told what training is required for this Army MOS.

Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember Basic Job Description

The basic job the Army 13T performs is to monitor weather conditions so field artillery can launch missiles accurately. He/she uses multiple resources to do their job. The duties they perform are crucial to support infantry and tank units in their missions.

At one time, the field artillery surveyor was separate from the meteorological crewmember. The Army integrated both of these jobs into this 1 MOS.

Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember Duties And Responsibilities

As an Army 13T, you will be working with a field artillery unit. Your responsibilities and duties may consist of:

  • Operating meteorological equipment

  • Operating peripheral equipment

  • Operating computer equipment

  • Performing maintenance on survey equipment, as well as vehicles, radios, etc…

  • Performing and providing astronomic observations

  • Creating meteorology data

  • Preparing schematics

  • Marking surveying stations

  • Recording field data

  • Preparing meteorological balloons

  • Assisting PADS operator with preparations for operations of PADS

  • Trains and supports subordinate soldiers within the same or similar MOS

This is just a brief list of the duties and responsibilities for the Army 13T MOS.

Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember Requirements

There are certain prerequisites you must meet to become a field artillery surveyor/meteorological crewmember. They are:

  • Be a United States citizen

  • A PULHES of 211211

  • The ability to attain a Secret Security Clearance

  • ASVAB scores of 91 in Skilled Technical (ST) and a 93 in Electronics (EL)

  • Normal color vision

These are the primary requirements for this Army MOS, but it is wise to check this with an Army Career Counselor.

Field Artillery Surveyor/Meteorological Crewmember Training

Since the Army 13T is an entry level job, the first training you will receive is to become a solid Army warrior. You will attend several weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT) where you will get into top physical condition. You will learn the skills you need to be an Army warrior.

Once you finish Basic Combat Training, you will attend Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. At Fort Sill, you will spend time in a classroom as well as in the field learning about your new Army job. Some of what you will learn is:

  • The methods of computing field artillery target locations

  • Operation of meteorological equipment

  • Artillery tactics and strategies

  • Missile and rocket operating systems

  • Computing survey data

  • Weather station computer operation

  • And much more

Your education won’t be over when you graduate from Advanced Individual Training. This job has a degree of learning on the job. Plus, you will have opportunities to attend added courses to gain more training along this same area of expertise.

After Army Possibilities

Just the surveying portion of your skills can land you into many great civilian careers. You could survey construction sites or even become a construction estimator. And, on the meteorological side, we always need good weather people to tell us if we can go to the beach tomorrow, or if we should stay home and play cards.

Final Thoughts

As I was researching this Army MOS, there are some who predict that this Army job may be disappearing. It seems that we would need these Army personnel, so if any who are reading this have any “lowdown” on the possibility of the Army 13T going extinct, please tell us more.

Also, if you are or were an Army 13T, we would love to hear about your Army job. Please tell us more.

You can leave any comments or questions you have in the comment section below. Thanks.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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