Army 13R MOS: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

In today’s blog post, we are going to look at what is a very important job in the Army. The military occupational specialty I am talking about is the Army 13R MOS: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator.

I will provide a brief description of this Army job. I will also tell you the responsibilities and duties of the Army 13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator. You will learn what requirements are needed to attain this position, along with the training the soldier receives.

So scroll down and learn more about the Army MOS 13R: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator.

Army 13R Basic Job Description

Using what is known as a Firefinder, which is a specialized radar system, the Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator locates enemy forces and alerts various Army units to their location. The Firefinder can detect mortars, tanks, planes, etc… by using radio and/or sound waves.

Army MOS 13R: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator Responsibilities and Duties

As an Army warrior, the responsibilities and duties of the Army 13R can delve into many areas. But the primary responsibilities of the 13R are:

  • The operation of the Firefinder Radar system, along with other enemy detection systems.

  • The operation and maintenance of both radio and wire communication systems.

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the Firefinder Radar system.

  • The construction of bunkers and fortifications for field artillery.

  • Training and instructing other soldiers on the operation of Firefinder Radar systems.

  • Advising on placements for Firefinder Radar systems.

  • Evaluates and reports enemy target positions to designated Unit Commanders or staff.

As I stated earlier, this is just a brief list of the responsibilities and duties of the Army 13R. As a soldier who is within direct contact with the enemy, the 13R is trained to also become an infantryman if need be.

At this time, this Army MOS is closed to women.

Requirements To Become An Army 13R MOS: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

The requirements to become a 13R consist of:

  • Be a United States citizen

  • Have normal color vision

  • Have a physical profile of 222221

  • Must have an ASVAB score of 95 in Surveillance and Communications (SC)

  • Must be able to attain a SECRET security clearance

These are the basic requirements to become an Army Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator. It is best that you talk with your recruiter or career counselor to find out more.

Training For The Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

As with all entry level soldiers, the first part of training is Basic Combat Training (BCT). You will learn the skills you need to be an Army warrior. Once you have completed BCT, you will enter your Advanced Individual Training at the United States Army Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

For several weeks, you will spend time both in the classroom and in the field learning your military occupational specialty inside and out. You will learn:

  • How to operate the Firefinder Radar equipment

  • The history of radar, and the basic principals on how it works

  • Tactics you will use in the field

  • Army communications principals

  • Operating Army communications equipment

  • How to calculate and record distance, speed, altitude and direction

For those soldiers preparing to enter training to become an Army 13R MOS, there are some Army publications that would be wise reading. I will list them below:

These publications can help you become better prepared to take on the job of Army MOS 13R.

Final Thoughts

The military occupational specialty 13R: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator does not really have any civilian job equivalents, but the experience of operating this expensive and sophisticated piece of Army equipment will show civilian employers that you have the responsible demeanor which allowed the Army to trust you with this job.

That in itself will count for a lot when searching for employment after the Army service is completed.

Also, this job means you are at the front of protecting your fellow soldiers and are a prime component to winning the wars and battles against enemies of the United States.

We would love to hear from current or former soldiers who had the job of Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator. Please tell us more about this Army job, and what your responsibilities consisted of.

We also are open to all comments, suggestions or questions about this Army MOS. You can post those in the comments area at the end of this blog post.

Also, I am posting the reference links I used to get information for this post. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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