Army 13B MOS: Top 10 Facts

In the midst of battle, the United States Army relies on the 13 Bravo to manage their job in a competent manner. After all, it can mean life or death for many other United States soldiers depending on this soldier’s actions.

Are you familiar with the Army 13B?

You will be when we finish with today’s post. I am going to give you 10 facts about the Army 13B MOS.

Let’s do this!

Army 13B Fact #1: Main Job

The Army 13B is a cannon crew member. This means they work the Howitzer Cannons that are supporting other Army units like infantry and tanks in the heat of battle.

Army 13B Fact #2: Since The Civil War

Now, I don’t believe they had MOS designations in the Civil War, but there were cannon crew members. While not the same style of cannons as today’s Howitzers, cannons were used to shell the enemy even before the Civil War. And there had to be crew members who maintained and fired these cannons.

Army 13B Fact #3: The Many Responsibilities Of The Army 13B

Do not think that the 13B is only of use during war. They have many responsibilities in peacetime as well as war. Some of the cannon crew member’s duties include:

  • Operation of cannon weapon systems
  • Conduct bore sighting and basic periodic tests
  • Set fuses and charges on a variety of munitions, including high explosive artillery rounds, laser guided projectiles and rocket assisted projectiles
  • Supervise handling, transportation, accountability and distribution of ammunition
  • Drive and operate heavy and light wheeled trucks and tracked vehicles
  • Camouflage positions
  • Maintain operational readiness of vehicles and equipment
  • and much more…

Army 13B Fact #4: Qualifications

Some of the required qualifications to become an Army 13B are:

  • An ASVAB score of 95 in FA (Field Artillery)
  • Very heavy physical demands
  • PULHES = 222221
  • Color coordination of red and green

Army 13B Fact #5: Training

As with all Army soldiers, you will have to complete Basic Training. After you complete Basic, you will travel to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for approximately 7 weeks for Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn the cannon crew member job you will perform.

Army 13B Fact #6: Crew Of 4

From my understanding, there is a crew of 4. They are:

  1. The driver who is responsible for putting the cannon in the proper location
  2. #1 man who loads and fires the cannon
  3. The gunner who aims and verifies
  4. Chief who also aims and verifies and takes full responsibility for safety of crew and other friendly troops

Army 13B Fact #7: Proficient In Other Weapons

The Army 13B must be proficient in many other weapons and equipment. Some include:

  • Infrared and night vision to operate cannons in dark conditions
  • Machine guns
  • Rocket launchers
  • Grenades
  • Etc…

Army 13B Fact #8: Additional Skills

The Army 13B Cannon Crew Member can add Additional Skill Identifiers which can move him/her up in job status. These can include:

  • 4A-Reclassification Training.
  • P5-Master Fitness Trainer.
  • 2S-Battle Staff Operations but soldier must be at skill level 3 or higher
  • U6-Field Artillery Weapons Maintenance.

Army 13B Fact #9: Warrant Officer

13B’s who are seeking Warrant Officer status will, through training, become a 131A Field Artillery Targeting Technician.

Army 13B Fact #10: How Heavy And Hard?

This is straight from a 13B who deployed to Iraq and had a fire mission that lasted for well over 10 hours… It was heavy, hot and hard…

You are getting fired at while you must lift a 95 pound shell from floor to waist twice per minute.

It is no wonder that 13B’s come back looking like a gorilla who could crush you with his hands.

Final Thoughts

You may wonder what civilian jobs are equivalent… I cannot think of any. But because of the leadership skills you gained and your physique, you have an open call in many professions… Law enforcement, Body guard, Firefighter, etc…

Well, I would love to hear from any current or former 13B’s.

Was I accurate in this post? Please tell us more about this position.

And last but not least, as an ex-11B, we appreciate you guys. You kept us alive in many cases.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for visiting and do share this with others.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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1 thought on “Army 13B MOS: Top 10 Facts”

  1. Christopher Ganious

    Facts were stated for only one piece that a 13B actually works on. This article only spoke about the 109A6 and A7. There are the track vehicles a 13B works on. We also work on the 777 and 119. The A777 shoots 155m just as the 109A6 and A7. This Howitzer requires more work and man power to fire and in my opinion is better then the 109A6 and A7. Then there is the 119 which fires the 105m it’s the baby of Artillery and doesn’t pack quit the punch of the other two Howitzers but still in my opinion is better then the 109A6 and A7 but not better then the 777. I’ve had the pleasure of working on all of these Artillery pieces so take my work.

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