Army 12M MOS: Firefighter

Fires can be devastating. But, they happen. I know, as we lost our home and all of our belongings to a fire several years ago. Thank goodness that we have those men and women who are willing to step up and fight fires.

The Army also needs firefighters in their ranks. Fires can happen anywhere, anytime. And, the Army handles many items that are combustible and prone to fire.

In today’s post, we are going to examine an Army military occupational specialty that is called 12M and are known as firefighters. These are the people who meet the danger of fires head on.

I will give you a basic job description for the Army 12M. I will also explain some of their responsibilities and duties. You will learn what the requirements are to become an Army 12M. Lastly, I will tell you what training is given to those who choose this military occupational specialty.

Army Firefighter Basic Job Description

The Army 12M Firefighter does the same things a civilian firefighter does. Their job consists of protecting lives and property from fire. They do fire prevention and control fires in buildings, on ships, and with aircraft.

Army 12M Firefighter Duties and Responsibilities

The Army 12M MOS is a rare Army job. As many soldiers state, if you have attained the 12M MOS, you have won the MOS lottery. Many soldiers have tried, but few are chosen.

The duties and responsibilities of an Army firefighter can fall into many areas. If procedures are followed, hopefully, there are few fires that you will have to fight. So you could find yourself doing many other duties to keep busy.

But, the primary duties of the Army firefighter are:

  • Teach fire protection procedures.

  • Perform rescue and firefighting operations in buildings, on aircraft, on ships and nature.

  • Maintain firefighting equipment, including refilling extinguishers.

  • Operate firefighting vehicles and rescue equipment.

  • Perform first aid on injured humans.

  • Inspect buildings and vehicles for fire hazards.

  • Emergency response for HAZMAT accidents.

  • Maintaining reports and records for firefighting operations.

These are just a few of the responsibilities and duties of the Army 12M Firefighter.

Requirements To Become An Army 12M Firefighter

If you want to become an Army firefighter, there are certain requirements you must meet. I suggest you speak to a career counselor to make sure these are all.

  • United States citizen not required

  • Security clearance not required

  • PULHES of 111121

  • ASVAB score of 88 in General Maintenance (GM)

  • Cannot have any records of claustrophobia, pyrophobia or acrophobia

  • Must have a valid State drivers license

  • Have normal color vision

As I said, you should speak with your recruiter and career counselor.

Training To Become An Army 12M Firefighter

Your first job with the Army once you enlist is becoming a warrior. You will first attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) where you will get in good physical shape, and you will learn all the basic combat skills you need to be an Army soldier.

After you have completed BCT, you will travel to Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas for Firefighter Advanced Individual Training (AIT). You will learn about fighting the various types of fires, operating firefighting equipment and first aid techniques.

During Advanced Individual Training, you will earn several DOD certifications. They will be:

  • First Responder Certification

  • HazMat Operations Certification

  • Firefighter I Certification

  • Firefighter II Certification

  • Airport Firefighter Certification

Once you finish AIT, you will be a certified Army firefighter, but your education never stops. On a regular basis, you will have to attend updated training, and it is also important that you know you must stay in strong physical shape.

Final Thoughts

Again I must say, this is an extremely difficult MOS to attain. Many recruiters may laugh when you ask because they see very few openings for this Army MOS. So, if you do manage to get it, hold on to it and do everything possible to learn the job to the best of your abilities.

Are there any 12M Firefighters reading this? If you will, please tell us more about this Army job. Have you fought many fires since getting the position?

As for after Army possibilities, the certifications you received can open up a wide range of firefighting jobs across the nation. You could work in a city fire department or for a major airport. Also, there are many companies who need people with this experience to show them how to have a safe work zone from fires. The possibilities are huge.

Do you have any comments? Please leave them, or any questions in the comment section below.

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Chuck Holmes
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