Army 12K MOS: Plumber

The Army in itself is like a large city. Within any city, we have multiple skilled humans who are able to fix certain problems that we are not able to do ourselves. One of these skilled people is a plumber. Whether it is a leak in a water pipe or a plugged toilet, the plumber deals with those issues that directly deal with water and the way to get it out.

The Army must have plumbers too. That is why I am going to examine this MOS in today’s post. We will look at the Army 12K MOS: Plumber.

I will give you a basic job description. I will also explain some of the plumbers duties and responsibilities. You will know what requirements are needed to become an Army plumber. I will also tell you the training these soldiers receive to attain this military occupational specialty.

Army 12K Plumber Basic Job Description

The Army plumber is the one who installs and repairs plumbing and piping systems. This is done on all Army installations.

Army 12K Plumber’s Duties and Responsibilities

The 12K Plumber’s duties can run into many areas, but some of the primary responsibilities are:

  • Install water supply and distribution systems

  • Preventive maintenance on water supply systems

  • Assists with construction plans and drawings

  • Installation and maintenance of heating systems

  • Installation of waste water pipe systems

  • Plumbing fixture installation and maintenance

  • Plumbing vent, brackets, traps and insulation installation and maintenance

  • Basic plumbing repair and maintenance

  • Operating threading machinery

  • Soldering and welding when needed

  • Inspects plumbing systems

As I said, the responsibilities can vary widely. It has been found that the plumbing is only needed part of the time, so in many circumstances, the 12K may be tasked with other construction jobs. As a 12K, soldiers tend to learn many other types of construction jobs, which is a good thing.

Requirements To Become An Army 12K Plumber

The physical demands for the Army 12K military occupational specialty are very heavy. The PULHES is 111221. There are no security requirements, and the soldier does not have to be a United States citizen. Some of the other requirements are:

  • ASVAB score of 88 on General Maintenance (GM)

  • Normal color vision

  • Ability to climb and work in high locations

As you can see, the requirements are not too bad. If you have a desire to be an Army plumber, these are the few prerequisites you must meet.

Training To Become An Army 12K Plumber

From what I read in Army regulations, experienced plumbers will not have to attend the Advanced Individual Training. This means you will have to have 2 years of verifiable training and experience as a plumber or pipe fitter that has installed and repaired pipe systems, plumbing fixtures, etc… This means you will have to be an apprentice member of the United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipe fitting, Sprinkler Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada or an equivalent.

Upon joining the Army, the first training you will receive will be Basic Combat Training. You will learn soldiering skills including combat, weapons and staying physically fit.

After completing Basic Combat Training, the next stop is Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas for your Advanced Individual Training. This course is given via the United States Army Engineer School.

You will be taught such things as:

  • Installing pipe systems, distillation systems, plumbing fixtures, water purification systems boiler controls and more.

  • Repairing all the above.

  • Repairing hydraulic systems

  • Repairing pneumatic systems

The Army does offer this as a correspondence course too. It is course number 052 M44.

The Future

While being an Army plumber may not seem like a glorious job, the possibilities of your future will be bright. Plumbers are a highly needed skill in the civilian world. There is always a need for plumbers both in new construction and repairing older plumbing works. Not to mention that you will also have the opportunity to learn many other construction skills in this Army job.

Final Thoughts

What are your opinions on this Army MOS?

We would love to hear from any former or current Army plumbers. Please tell us more about the job you do, and the training to get the 12K plumber position.

Also, how has it helped your civilian career possibilities?

All I can say is, thank God for plumbers. If you have ever had to use an outhouse, you will surely understand what I mean. They crawl into areas that are dark and tight to make sure we have flowing water and drains that will flow.

If this is an Army MOS you may be interested in, I suggest you tell your Army recruiter. The Army always is in need of skilled plumbers.

You can post your comments and questions below. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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