Army 12H MOS: Construction Engineering Supervisor

As with any small town or city, the Army maintains areas that are similar in Forts and Bases. Within these areas, construction activities are done regularly. The Army needs to have people with the skill levels to construct infrastructure, and that is where the Army 12H MOS: Construction Engineer Supervisor comes in.

In today’s post, I will explain more about this military occupational specialty. I will give a basic job description of the construction engineering supervisor. I will explain the responsibilities and duties for this Army job. I will also explain the requirements to become an Army 12H. Lastly, I will tell you the training required to attain the position.

Army 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor Basic Job Description

The Construction Engineering Supervisor is first and foremost an Army leader. He/she has the ability to manage and supervise a team of soldiers in many different aspects of construction operations.

This individual is involved in all aspects of construction processes including planning, scheduling, estimating materials and costs and also training and supervising all personnel involved with the construction.

The construction this individual could be involved with consists of:

  • Wood structures

  • Concrete structures

  • Metal structures

  • Pipelines

  • Tanks (water, oil, etc…)

  • Fixed bridges

  • and more

Army 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

This is a basic list of the duties and responsibilities of the Construction Engineering Supervisor. Many other duties could arise.

  • Reads and interprets construction blueprints and drawings

  • Supervises combat engineering missions

  • Estimates material, labor, time and equipment needs

  • Supervises maintenance on equipment and vehicles

  • Supervises all facets of new construction and repair

  • Inspects completed construction and repair projects to ensure they are compliant with specifications

  • Supervises installation or repair of utilities

  • Develops network flow diagrams, and manages work of supporting units

  • Provides advice and recommendations on construction related activities to Commander and staff

  • Provides training and guidance to subordinate NCOs and enlisted soldiers

These are just a few of the duties and responsibilities of the Army 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor.

Requirements To Become An Army 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor

The first thing you need to know about the Army MOS 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor is that it is not an entry level job. This is a non-commissioned officer position. The Army 12H is a leader, and is pulled from feeder MOS’s such as 12K Plumber, 12R Electrician, and 12W Carpenter.

So naturally, you have to meet all the qualifications of the feeder MOS, and you should have at 8-10 years of service with the Army.

On your ASVAB, you should have a score of at least 93 on the General Maintenance portion of the test.

There is no security clearance requirements, and no United States citizenship requirements. On the physical side, your PULHES should carry an 111221. Essentially that is the prerequisites for attaining the Army 12H MOS.

Training To Become An Army 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor

I must say that you are entering this position from a construction feeder MOS. You probably have learned many skills while in that position in regards to construction, but you will always keep learning in the 12H position. The main training requirements are not necessarily about construction related activities, but about leadership related activities.

You will have to complete what used to be the Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) which is now transformed to the Advanced Leader’s Course (ALC). This will teach you leadership principles in the basic area you have as an MOS.

You will also have to complete and pass what used to be the Advanced Non Commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC) which has been transformed to the Senior Leader’s Course (SLC). Naturally, this course delves even deeper into the leadership responsibilities you will have as an NCO with the Army 12H MOS.

As an NCO, you will be responsible for taking construction related course to help you understand the job even better. You are always a leader and a learner.

Once you have finished this training, you can take on the duties and responsibilities of a 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor.

Final Thoughts

We would love to hear your thoughts about this Army MOS. If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comment area at the end of this post.

Also, we love hearing from any people who are, or were Army 12H’s. Please tell us more about this non commissioned officer position. Tell us what extra training was required please. I would appreciate you jumping in and telling our readers anything I may have left out.

Thank you, and there are references below for further reading.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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4 thoughts on “Army 12H MOS: Construction Engineering Supervisor”

  1. Hi Chuck, thanks for the blog. I’m an accountant looking to switch careers. I’ve always wanted to start my general contracting company/ get into flipping houses/ working in this general area. I’ll be joining the Guard this year – I wanted to ask which military MOS would complement my goals?

    I understand that the path to Master Electrician and Master Plumber is long. I will be starting a family soon so I can’t afford to start a family on the apprentice salary where I’m located (NYC).

    Any advice would be helpful.


    1. Based off what you said, I think a MOS in the finance or construction field would be of added benefit. I would personally pick the one you think you would enjoy more. Also, if you’re going to be a general contractor, in the future, anything with management, business, finances, or people skills experience is beneficial. Just my thoughts.


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