Army 11Z MOS Duties, Responsibilities and Job Description

blue army infantry cord
Here is the famous blue Army infantry cord

What should you know about the Army 11Z MOS?  Let me start by telling you that the 11Z MOS is reserved for all 11 series Soldiers once they reach the pay-grade of E-8.  Soldiers serving as 11B (Infantry) and 11C (Indirect Fire Infantryman) will stay with their respective MOS until they reach Master Sergeant or higher.  At that point in their career, they are combined into the 11Z MOS.

Ranks of an 11Z MOS

  • Master Sergeant
  • First Sergeant
  • Sergeant’s Major
  • Command Sergeant’s Major

Jobs of a 11Z MOS

  • Infantry First Sergeant
  • Operations Sergeant in Infantry Battalion
  • Sergeant Major (S3 SGM, specialty SGM)
  • Command Sergeant Major (battalions, brigades and higher)

In most cases, an 11Z will work in an Infantry unit, but in some cases they could be assigned to specialty staff, a TDA unit, or other non-combat arms unit.  One example would be if they were in a branch immaterial position.

Duties and Responsibilities of an 11Z

Here are a few duties and responsibilities of a 11Z NCO:

army infantry cross rifles
Here are the Army Infantry Crossed Rifles

# 1 Serves as First Sergeant of an Light Infantry Company.  Plans, resources, executes and assesses individual training.  Responsible for Soldier Readiness to include individual training, MOS training, and Warrior Tasks Training.  Handles all Soldier discipline issues.  Provides guidance to three Platoon Sergeants.  Serves as Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Company Commander.  Responsible for the health, welfare and morale of 120 Soldiers.

# 2 Serves as the Battalion S3 SGM.  Responsible for mission planning and conducting the Military Decision Making Process.  Works with the S3 to develop mission plans and OPORDs.  Handles reporting requirements with higher echelons.  Supervises 3 NCOs.  Responsible for health, welfare and morale of six Soldiers.

# 3 Serves as Command Sergeant’s Major of a mechanized infantry battalion.  Oversees all individual training within the battalion.  Provides guidance to company First Sergeants.  Responsible for Soldier Readiness to include individual training, MOS training and Warrior Task Training.  Serves as Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander.  Responsible for the health, welfare and morale of 482 Soldiers.

As an 11Z senior NCO you should be familiar with all aspects of the 11 series MOS’s.  This would include the light, Stryker, mechanized infantry and mortars.  You will supervise Soldiers in these different MOS’s so you should have a thorough understanding of what they are supposed to do.

Final Thoughts

Serving as an 11Z NCO is a very important job.  Ultimately, you will lead infantry Soldiers in combat.  In my opinion, there is no greater honor.  To be successful, you need to be a subject matter expert, a professional and a great leader and tactician.

What are your thoughts? Please post any comments or questions below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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  1. Candace Ginestar

    This is my husband’s future – he will be promotable to 8 this coming November. More than likely he will end up running his current unit, and he knows he will have to learn staff, but he’s been operational his entire career and is not quite ready to move on. Either way, it’s still great to see this article! I personally think he would make a great operations SGM after he is done being a 1SG!

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