Army 11X MOS Overview: Infantry

Today’s post is not going to be just like other MOS posts I have written.


Because the military occupational specialty 11X is just a starting point for any infantry led soldier. Once an 11 designated soldier finishes training, he/she will not be an 11X anymore. They will either be an 11B or 11C.

But in today’s article, I am just going to give you an overview of the Army 11X and where they go after training.

It is the backbone of the Army and I am proud to write this post. The reason is, I entered the United States Army as an 11B and left as an 11B (there was no such thing as 11X then).

Our Creed Says It All

I am the Infantry.
I am my country’s strength in war.
her deterrent in peace.
I am the heart of the fight-
wherever, whenever.
I carry America’s faith and honor
against her enemies.
I am the Queen of Battle.

I am what my country expects me to be-
the best trained solider in the world.
In the race for victory
I am swift, determined, and courageous,
armed with a fierce will to win.

Never will I betray my country’s trust.
always I fight on-
through the foe,
to the objective,
to triumph over all,
If necessary, I will fight to my death.

By my steadfast courage,
I have won 200 years of freedom.
I yield not to weakness,
to hunger,
to cowardice,
to fatigue,
to superior odds,
for I am mentally tough, physically strong,
and morally straight.

I forsake not-
my country,
my mission
my comrades,
my sacred duty.

I am relentless.
I am always there,
now and forever.

Army 11X Basic Job Description

An infantryman can and will go anywhere, anytime by land to defend our country from enemies bent on our destruction. He/she will use any weapon at his/her disposal and will do what it takes to ensure United States victory.

Army 11X Responsibilities And Duties

It would be impossible to name every duty and responsibility of the infantry person. That’s right, cannot say man anymore because the job is also open to women.

During peacetime, the infantry person can be seen training, training and training some more. In between training, he/she may mow grass, police the grounds or any number of other needed duties.

  • Defend the country by all land threats.
  • Capture, destroy and repel enemy ground forces during combat in any conditions.
  • Locates and neutralizes mines
  • Operates, mounts/dismounts, zeros, and engages targets using night vision sight.
  • Operates and maintains communications equipment and operates in a radio net.
  • The 11C essentially operates small mortars.
  • Etc…

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Requirements To Become an Army 11X

It is one of the most needed MOS’s in the U.S. Army. The requirements to get an 11X designation are:

  • PULHES of 111221
  • Physical demands = Very Heavy
  • ASVAB score of 87 in Combat
  • You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen
  • No security clearance required
  • Women are now allowed in

Training For The Army 11X

Back in my days, Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training for Infantry were separate. The Army has put it all together in one package called One Station Unit Training and is done all at Fort Benning, Georgia and lasts 14 weeks.

But training never stops for Infantry soldiers and by the end you will either be an 11B or an 11C.

Final Thoughts

Many soldiers who can bear the brunt of 11X training do head on to Airborne, Ranger and/or Special Forces training.

We have to give a big thanks to all men and women willing to step into the 11X spot. Without the Infantry, the U.S. Army would be lost and in terrible shape.

I’m convinced that the infantry is the group in the army which gives more and gets less than anybody else.” Bill Mauldin

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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