Arizona Army National Guard: 15 Cool Facts

arizona army national guard
Arizona’s 158th Infantry Regiment during the Philippines Campaign in 1945.

As I have family members in Arizona (my Dad) and many friends, I researched all I could find on the Arizona Army National Guard, I found myself with a smile knowing that these people I love and cherish are being protected by a great group of soldiers.

The Arizona Army National Guard has a long and amazing history. Located on a border where attacks could possibly come from enemies of the United States, we can rest assured that these men and women are prepared to fight and defend our great nation.

In today’s post, we are going to provide 15 cool facts about the Arizona Army National Guard. Scroll down and learn some things you may not have known. If you have any facts to add, feel free to do so in the comments area at the end of this post.

1: Formation Of The Arizona Army National Guard

In the 1860s, the ruthless Mexican warlord by the name of Pancho Villa was crossing the border and murdering settlers in the American Southwest. In an effort to protect Arizona settlers, the First Arizona Volunteer Infantry was formed in 1865. This was the first Arizona Army National Guard.

2: Fort Naco

The First Arizona Volunteer Infantry was based at Fort Naco, Arizona. These men built adobe buildings and guarded the border from invasions by Mexican Revolutionaries. Fort Naco is now abandoned, but some of the buildings still stand and tourists often visit this location near Naco, Arizona to view where the Arizona Army National Guard started.

3: The Arizona Army National Guard And World War I

During World War I, the men of the Arizona Army National Guard were drafted into Federal service and were assigned to the 40th Infantry Division. The 40th was deployed to France, and they were used as replacement troops as needed. Many of these Arizona volunteers fought gallantly against the German forces.

4: The Arizona Army National Guard And World War II

The Arizona Army National Guard was again called into service in 1940. They primarily saw service in the Pacific theater. Especially recognized was the 158th Regimental Combat Team. They were nicknamed Bushmasters and created havoc in Japanese war plans. Just consider what General Douglas MacArthur said about the 158th:

“No greater fighting combat team has ever deployed for battle”

5: Arizona Army National Guard Armories

The Arizona Army National Guard controls and maintains 45 armories throughout the State.

6: Home Base

The main base of operations for the Arizona Army National Guard is Camp Navajo. Camp Navajo was originally a storage depot for Army ammunition, but in 1982 it was put into the hands of the Arizona Army National Guard. The Commander of Camp Navajo is Lieutenant Colonel Anita Vinson. Camp Navajo’s address is 1 Hughes Avenue, Building 1, Bellemont, Arizona, 86015.

7: Arizona Army National Guard Training Sites

Training is a primary focus with all National Guard units. The primary training sites for the Arizona Army National Guard are:

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Working in a joint effort with the Division of Emergency Management, the Air National Guard, and various local enforcement, the Arizona Army National Guard is a member of DEMA. DEMA stands for Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs. The Governor of Arizona is the head over DEMA.

9: Standing In The Gap

The Arizona Army National Guard has an Association that aids with benefits and other matters that directly affect Arizona National Guard personnel. They have many benefits and they are called the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Arizona or EANGA for short. You can visit their website here.

10: Helping Teens

With a goal of helping troubled teenagers, the Arizona National Guard actively runs a program called Arizona Project Challenge. Getting teens away from drugs, alcohol and other criminal activities and showing them a new and better way is the primary objective. With the citizens of Arizona’s help and support, the Arizona Army National Guard can show teens the way to leave a clean and law abiding lifestyle.

11: Arizona Army National Guard Units

The Arizona Army National Guard has many units. These are some:

  • Headquarters at Camp Navajo

  • 2222nd Transportation Company

  • 1st Battalion, 285th Aviation Regiment

  • 1404th Transportation Company

  • 2nd Battalion, 285th Aviation Regiment

  • 819th Engineer Company

  • 5th Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment

  • 260th Engineer Detachment

  • RAID

  • 259th Engineer platoon

  • Army Aviation Support

  • 258th Engineer Company


  • 257th Engineer Detachment

  • 158th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

  • 194th Engineer Detachment

  • 3666th Maintenance Company

  • 253rd Engineer Battalion

  • 850th Military Police Battalion which is over the 855th, 856th and 860th Military Police Companies

  • 996th Medical Company

  • 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry Regiment

  • 91st Civil Support Team

  • 159th Finance Detachment

  • 363rd Ordnance Company

  • 160th Finance Detachment

  • 258th Rear Area Operations

  • 108th Army Band

  • 215th Regiment

  • 222nd Transportation Company

  • 2220th Transportation Company

Hopefully, I did not miss any. If I did, please add them in the comments.

Arizona Army National Guard Going Social

12: Arizona Army National Guard Website

The Arizona Army National Guard has their own website. You can find almost any information that you may need or desire there.

13: Arizona Army National Guard On Facebook

The Arizona Army National Guard realizes that a vast percentage of people are on Facebook. They also have a Facebook page and give updates regularly. I just noticed they posted about getting Arizona Diamondback tickets, so it isn’t just about recruiting. Visit their Facebook page and see. They have over 7,400 followers. You can visit it here.

14: Arizona Army National Guard On Linkedin

The Arizona Army National Guard also maintains a Linkedin page. This is where you can find job openings and other Arizona Army National Guard information. Visit there Linkedin page and add to their follower number of over 1,300 people.

15: Arizona Army National Guard Recruiter Locations

If you or someone you know may be considering joining the Arizona Army National Guard, I thought it may be good to provide some of the many recruiting offices. Here is a list:

  • 32o N. Thorpe Road, Flagstaff

  • 1500 Heritage Park Road, Prescott

  • 3230 E. Union Hills Drive, Suite 100, Phoenix

  • 10222 N. 7th Street, Phoenix

  • 5636 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix

  • 7700 W. Arrowhead Towne Center, Suite 1244, Glendale

  • 6202 W. Myrtle Avenue, Glendale

  • 552 N. Miller Road, Buckeye

  • 1000 E. University Drive, Tempe

  • 615 N. Center Street, Mesa

  • 2100 S. Cooper Road, Chandler

  • 20525 N. Highway 79, Bldg #L5020, Florence

  • 320 E. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande

  • 24641 E. Pinal Air Park Road, Bldg #L4500, Marana

  • 7250 La Cholla Blvd, Suite 194, Tucson

  • 1750 E. Silverlake Road, Tucson

  • 5500 E. Valencia Road, Valencia

You can visit any of these locations, or you can apply online here.

Final Words

The Arizona Army National Guard serves both the citizens of Arizona and the United States when they are deployed.

We are free and safe because of men and women who serve in this great organization. I want to thank all who serve in the Arizona Army National Guard.

If you serve in Arizona, please tell us more. If you have any questions or comments please do so below. Thank you and have a great day.

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