AR 600-8-19: Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

As a Commander or Small Unit Leader in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves you should familiarize yourself with AR 600-8-19.  This Army Regulation covers Enlisted Promotions and Reductions.  It is a wonderful resource.  If nothing else, you should get a copy of AR 600-8-19 and add it to your leader’s library in case you ever need to reference it.

The regulation consists of 10 chapters and provides in depth information about every aspect of enlisted promotions in the Army.  I would consider it an “Enlisted Promotions Bible.”  In the paragraphs below, I will give you an overview of how AR 600-8-19 is organized.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter provides an overview of the promotion system in the Army for enlisted personnel.  It discusses promotion authorities, dates of rank, security clearance requirements, promotion ceremonies, posthumous promotions and tons of other information.

Chapter 2: Decentralized Promotions

This chapter talks about processing enlisted promotions from E2 to E4.  It also discusses how to fix erroneous promotions and how to compute waiver allocations.

Chapter 3: Semi-centralized Promotions (SGT-SSG)

This chapter covers promotions for E5s and E6s in the Army.  It covers promotion packets, minimum time in grade, waiver authority and more.

Chapter 4: Centralized Promotions (SFC-CSM)

This chapter covers promotions for senior enlisted in the rank of SFC to CSM.  It covers the promotion board process, basic requirements, service requirements, the promotion list and much more.

Chapter 5: Promotion of U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers Assigned to Troop Program Units, Army Reserve Elements, or Multi-Component Commands or Units

This is an in depth chapter for promotions in the Army Reserve.  It discusses how soldiers are selected for promotion, what the process is and what the requirements are.

Chapter 6: Promotion of Individual Ready Reserve, IMA and Standby Reserve personnel

This helpful chapter teaches you about promotions in the IRR.  It discusses how it works, the requirements and what soldiers need to do to get promoted.

Chapter 7: Enlisted Promotions and Reduction of Army National Guard Personnel

This is a wonderful resource for leaders in the Army National Guard.  The chapter discusses all aspects of promotions, who is responsible for what and how the process works.

Chapter 8: Promotion of Special Band Persons

Learn more about how band persons can get promoted quickly and what the steps are to do it.

Chapter 9: Merit Promotions

This talks about merit programs for parachutists, recruiters and gunsmiths in the Army.

Chapter 10: Reductions in Grade

Learn the process of reducing soldiers in grade/rank.  Find out what you can and can’t do and what the required steps are to reduce a soldier in rank.

As you can see, AR 600-8-19 is an important resource for any Small Unit Leader.  If you are a Small Unit Leader, I would highly recommend that you get a copy of this Army Regulation and spend a few hours reading through it to educate yourself.

If you have any questions or comments about AR 600-8-19, you can post them below. This is a great resource, so I recommend you use it.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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6 thoughts on “AR 600-8-19: Enlisted Promotions and Reductions”

  1. Promotions and reductions for enlisted personnel may be touchy subject sometimes, which means you have to know what you are talking about when you handle these types of actions. This is one regulation you can’t afford to speed read through just to get the gist of it. Know it inside and out.

    1. This is a very valuable resource for Company Commanders and Small Unit Leaders. It’s also a wise idea to pick the brain of the S1 Officer and NCO. Enlisted Reductions and Promotions are a serious matter and should be treated that way.

  2. There are so many Army Regulations, and it’s hard to make the time to read all of them. AR 600-8-19 is certainly an important one, but I wasn’t familiar with it, so thanks very much for the summary. Promotion is something everyone wants to know about, although hopefully we won’t have to worry about reduction!

  3. I have photocopied sections of Ch. 7 in my leader book. Soldiers like to get promoted, they often want to know why they didn’t get promoted, and those with initiative will ask what they need to do to get promoted. I like to have the answers at hand, especially since the system is changing and will continue to change, and this AR is the source.

  4. Thanks for the information on the AR600-8-19. It definitely is an important resource for army personnel. It breaks down the promotion process in the Army in an easy to follow yet comprehensive way. Pretty straight forward!

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