AR 600-55: The Army Driver’s Training Regulation

When it comes to military driver’s training, licensing and testing, Army Regulation 600-55 is the Bible. AR 600-55 covers all aspects of driver’s training.  This regulation is a great resource for Motor Pool Personnel and Small Unit Leaders.  In fact, every leader should have a copy of this regulation in their leader’s library.

Here is a brief overview of what you will find in AR 600-55.

  1. Driver Applicants: This chapter covers the licensing requirements and types of drivers in the Army.  It’s basically an overview of the entire program. Drivers must have the appropriate license, and this chapter will explain that.
  2. Driver or Operator Selection: You will learn about the record’s review process, the interview process, and physical examination requirements before issuing a license.  Simply put, you will learn who can and who can’t get a military license.
  3. Driver or Operator Training Program: This covers instructor requirements, qualification, sustainment and remedial training requirements, and training requirements for tracked vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc.
  4. Testing: In this chapter you will learn the examiner qualifications, types of tests that need to be administered and how to administer those tests.
  5. Licenses: This section covers permits and different types of licenses.  It also discusses how licenses are revoked, modified and renewed.
  6. Mechanical or Ground Support Equipment: This chapter covers the requirements to use ground support equipment such as radios and generators.
  7. Night Vision Devices:  This discusses instructor requirements, certification requirements and additional follow on training requirements. This is very important, as in some situations drivers cannot drive with lights on, but must use night vision.

As you can see, AR 600-55 is absolutely loaded with great information about military driver’s training for Army Personnel.  If you are in charge of a Driver’s Training Program or a Motor Pool, you should keep a copy of Army Regulation 600-55 with you at all times.  The information is very informative and to the point.  If you have a question about driver’s training and licensing, there’s a good chance the answer you are looking for is in this regulation.

Do you have any more information you would like to offer about AR 600-55? Maybe you have a question or comment. Just post it below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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8 thoughts on “AR 600-55: The Army Driver’s Training Regulation”

  1. So I have a good question? My SCO keeps wanting me to give drivers training classes for 5 days when I have specifically explained that it is a two week course. So what do I need to do as a Master Driver because I will overall be held accountable is something was to happen? Thanks for you time

  2. Sorry, one more questions … Where do you recommend I study more information about
    army regulations for small unit leaders?

  3. The AR 600-55 was published June 18, 2007. I found a website that lets people download the manual in XML or PDF and has a NOTES PDF that notes it has been modified in 2011. The modifications, it seems, cannot be freely viewed without having a government ID and password. AM I right on this? I would be very interested to find out the instructor requirements, qualification, and sustainment processes.

    Also, btw, I tried to comment on another really interesting blog post “Field Manual FM 6-22 Army Leadership,” but it keeps saying I have already commented the same on that blog post, but my comment is not showing. What is wrong?

  4. Neil O'Donnell

    Given the wide array of Army transports, including tracked vehicles, it is nice to see that the Army Regulation 600-55 covers the major requirements for applicants and instructors. It is especially great to see that the regulations include references to support equipment such as radios, generators and night vision equipment. With the diversity of environmental conditions that Army personnel operate in, it seems critical to have all related equipment and vehicle regulations documented in one volume.

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