AR 350-1: Army Training and Leader Development

AR 350-1 is a very important Army Regulation for any Army Leader.  This regulation covers the “Army Training and Leader Development.”  One of your primary responsibilities as a leader is to train and develop your subordinates.  This resource will teach you how to do that.  It covers many aspects of unit and individual training.  The regulation is loaded with information, such as:

  • The Army Mission and Force Generation
  • Goals of Army Training
  • Army Training and Education Management
  • Responsibilities of Army Leaders
  • Army Institutional Training and Education System
  • Initial Military Training
  • Officer Training and Education
  • Training in Units
  • The Army Distributed Learning Program
  • Culture and Language
  • And Much More!

For most part-time military leaders, chapter 4 will be the most helpful.  This covers what must happen at the unit level.  This includes NCODP, OPD, pre-deployment training, NBC Training, Combatatives Training, and much more.  I believe that all unit leaders should read this chapter to educate themselves about what must happen at the unit level.  This includes Team Leaders, Squad Leaders, Platoon Sergeants, Platoon Leaders, First Sergeants and Company Commanders.

If you’re an Army Officer or Warrant Officer, you should definitely read Chapter 3, Section IV.  This covers all aspects of Officer Training for your entire career.  It talks about your Officer Basic Course, Captain’s Career Course, Intermediate Level Education, Pre-Command Courses, Senior Services Courses, Army War College and much more.  These 10 pages of information are very resourceful and should be a “MUST READ” for any Officer.

On the other hand, if you are an Army NCO, you should read Chapter 3, Section V.  This covers the ins and outs of your NCOES, to include the Warrior Leader Course, Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course, Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course and Sergeant’s Major Academy.

The other chapters cover in great detail about Army Schools, Basic Training, Military and Civilian Education Requirements and much more.  With close to 200 pages of information, this resource covers just about any “training or leader development” topic you could think of.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a topic for an OPD/NCODP Class, this would be a great starting place.  Or, if you’re just looking to expand your knowledge, this regulation will be very useful.

In summary, AR 350-1 is an important resource for any Army Leader. Whether you are an Officer or NCO, you should spend a few hours and read trough this Army Regulation.  It covers all aspects of Army Training and Leader Development, from the individual to the unit level.

What parts of the AR 350-1 has helped you the most? Have you read all the documents? Do you have any questions about AR 350-1? Please post your comments and questions below.

If you need a copy of the AR 350-1, you can download it here. Thank you and have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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3 thoughts on “AR 350-1: Army Training and Leader Development”

  1. Chuck,
    Another important aspect of AR 350-1 is that is lays the foundation concerning unit physical fitness programs, weight control, and APFT testing. There are numerous tidbits of information that include how often an individual needs to be weighed, when it must be done, and how it must be done. With regard to the APFT it specifies the requirements for correctly administering a PT test.

    Unfortunately many Army leaders are unaware of some of these requirements, specifically for an APFT to be considered valid. It must consist of the pushups, situps, and 2-mile in that order. There can be no more than a 20 minute break between events, and the entire test from start to finish must be completed within 2 hours of the start time. For specific information on APFT test I would encourage leaders to read AR 350-1 para 1-24e, and Appendix G. Then they should read FM 7-22 appendix A. There is a lot of good to know information that is beneficial for the developing leader and seasoned professional.

    A little off topic but important fact is doctrine is changing rather fast and the regulations are not keeping up with the changes. For example AR 350-1 still quotes the physical fitness manual as FM 21-20. However the manual has actually changed twice since FM 21-20. First it was changed to TC 3.22-20 and most recently it changed to FM 7-22. I bring this up so that leaders are aware that regulations and doctrine are not typically updated in a timely manner so it is important for the leader to be aware of this so they can ensure they are using the correct reference.

    1. Great points, Mark. I didn’t know the APFT had to be completed within a 2-hour window. But I did know the events had to be completed in a certain order. In regards to the policy and manual changes, you are right. The Army is constantly changing its manuals and policies. Sometimes when they update one they forgot to update another two or three that reference that manual/policy. I wish they would slow down with all the changes and do it right the first time.

      1. Candace Ginestar

        The 2 hour window is easy to meet, as long as you aren’t screwing around between events. I’ve seen huge units get it done, so there are ways. I’ve also seen it get pretty down to the wire.

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