AR 20-1: Army Inspector General Regulation

In this post, I would like to discuss AR 20-1.  If you are currently (or about to) work in the Inspector General Office, this is a must read.  And if you are a Commander or a Senior Staff Officer, I also suggest that you reference this document from time-to-time to familiarize yourself with Inspector General Roles and Functions.

Army Regulation 20-1 covers the Inspector General Activities and Procedures.  In the paragraphs below I will provide a brief overview of what is covered in each chapter of this regulation.

  1. The System:  You will learn about how the Inspector General System is structured and how it is supposed to operate at all levels within the Army.  This chapter also covers the IG Guidelines for Active Duty, Army Reserve and ARNG personnel.
  2. Personnel: Chapter 2 talks about the job positions, length of assignments, the Inspector General Oath, wear on insignia, certification requirements and much more.
  3. Record Keeping: This chapter talks about storing IG Records, requesting them, releasing them and more.
  4. Teaching and Training Function: You will learn about IG Training and the Official Inspector General School. It tells requirements and what you will learn in school.
  5. General Inspections Function:  This covers inspection policy, Intelligence Oversight Inspections, Technical Inspections, Information Assurance Inspections, etc.
  6. General Assistance Function: This chapter covers the purpose and procedures covering general assistance.  It also talks about what issues are appropriate and inappropriate for the Inspector General to investigate.
  7. General Investigations Function: This chapter covers the purpose and procedures of inspections.
  8. The Role in Full Spectrum Operations:  This chapter covers staff estimates, law of war violations, and the operational role in full spectrum operations.
  9. The Role in Joint Operations: This short chapter covers the mindset of transitioning from Army Operations to Joint Operations. We are finding our nation’s military working more and more in joint operations, so this is an important chapter.
  10. Information Management: This final chapter covers the IG Network and security.

As you can see, AR 20-1 is jam packed with great information.  Do yourself a favor and download a copy and print it out for future reference.

Do you have any information you can add to this post about AR 20-1? Do you have any questions? You can post them below. Thank you for visiting.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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3 thoughts on “AR 20-1: Army Inspector General Regulation”

  1. It seems to me that every Commander, no matter where, should have a copy of this important document. The AR 20-1 can give the Commander or Senior Officer a step up on all inspection practices. Preparation is key to running a tight system. I learned many years ago in, of all places, the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared. Army Regulations 20-1 will give you every possibility that could come in inspections.

    Can you put the link to download a copy of it?

  2. Neil O'Donnell

    I imagine that management of IG records takes considerable time, patience and diligence on the part of IG staff members. Along with understanding the Inspector General’s regulations and role in joint operations, the confidentiality of records as well as their protection from the elements seems crucial to investigations and, ultimately, making certain the Inspector General acts responsibly and appropriately. It definitely sounds as if AR 20-1 is a must read.

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