April IDT Sample PT Plan

Here is another excellent PT program that can be easily be executed when time is limited but you still want to get a good sweat on.  This workout only takes about 30-45 minutes and will surely smoke you! I have dubbed this workout “The Countdown”.  This workout is geared towards overall cardio development and muscle endurance.

Equipment Needed:  -NONE

sample pt plan
April IDT Sample PT Plan

How to Execute: First, here is a rundown of a few exercises that may not be familiar to everyone:

-Bodyweight squats – Using no extra weight, feet should be slightly wider then hip width with feet pointed at a slight angle.  Push butt to the rear as if sitting in a chair,  keep chest and face up to maintain correct position. Try to squat low enough so thighs are parallel to the floor.

-Leg lifts – Lie on floor and lift both straight legs or modify w/bent knees.

-Knee extensions – Seated on floor, lean back on hands, draw knees toward chest, then extend to straight leg.  Keep legs off the floor!  Modify if needed by working one leg at a time.

-Burpees – From standing position place hands on floor, kick both legs out behind you, drop chest to floor, push up and jump feet back in, stand and jump off floor and clap hands, this is one rep.  If you need to modify you can walk legs back one at a time, keep chest off floor and skip the jump at the end.


Exercise Sets Reps
Jumping Jacks 1 100
Crunches 1 90
Bodyweight Squats 1 80
Leg Lifts 1 70
Jumping Jacks 1 60
Crunches 1 50
Bodyweight Squats 1 40
Knee Extensions 1 30
Push Ups 1 20
Burpees 1 10


Final Thoughts: Try this workout next time you’re pressed for time and really want to challenge your cardio and muscular endurance or are simply pressed for time and still need a butt-kicker!

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