7 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Regardless of what most people think, Memorial Day is not about getting drunk, having a BBQ and getting an extra day or two off work.  Instead, Memorial Day is designed to celebrate all who have gone before us and given their life to defend our freedom.  It’s a day to remember those great folks who made the ULTIMATE sacrifice to protect our great country.

And while it’s fine to spend time with your family, drink some beer, cook out and relax, I think every living American should do something patriotic to remember these brave patriots.  Therefore, here are 7 ways to celebrate Memorial Day.

1.  Donate Money to Veteran’s Organizations

One simple thing you can do is donate money to a veteran’s organization.  There are many to choose from.  Even if you could donate just $10, it would make a big difference.

2.  Do Something Nice for a Widow/Widower

If you know someone, or know of someone who lost their spouse in combat, do something nice for them.  Buy them dinner.  Send them flowers.  Or just pay your respects to them.

3.  Say a Prayer at Meal Time to Thank These Patriots

I’m not the most religious type of person myself, and I’m not sure if you are or not, but maybe you could say a prayer or give a moment of silence with your family during your dinner meal on Memorial Day.

4. Visit a Military Cemetery/Traditional Cemetery to Pay Your Respects

You could take your spouse and kids to a local cemetery and look at grave sites.  You could stop by five or ten veteran’s grave sites and say a quick prayer or give them a moment of silence, or just say thank you.

5. Fly the Flag

If you don’t already fly a flag at your home, you could go out and buy one and start flying it TODAY.  This is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day and show veterans that you appreciate their service.

6. Teach Your Kids What Memorial Day is Really About

You could have a sit down discussion with your children (if you have kids) and teach them what Memorial Day is all about.  You can teach them the importance of honoring veterans who gave their life to protect their country.

7. Put Flags At Graves

One of the best things I ever did as a Soldier was put flags at veteran’s graves during Memorial Day weekend.  You could buy 5-10 small flags and put them next to a veteran’s grave at your local cemetery.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Memorial Day is a very important holiday.  It’s  a day to remember those who died during military service.  As an American, you should be grateful for your freedom and you should do something on this special day to honor and remember those patriots.

What are your thoughts?  What do you do to celebrate Memorial Day?

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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8 thoughts on “7 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day”

  1. You made excellent points with this post, and I need to be following more of these tips myself.

    I may think about what this day means alot, but have not carried through with enough action to show my appreciation for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

    I need to keep these things in mind.

  2. Back in my old neighborhood there was a very old cemetery with tombstones of soldiers from the Revolutionary War. Every Memorial Day the color guard would arrive, lay a wreath and give a benediction and 21-gun salute. Sadly there are never any crowds at these events — but there should be!

  3. Amy Skalicky

    I really like this article, Chuck. You gave some great ideas for treating the national holiday as it was intended. Taking the time to honor our fallen soldiers is something that few seem to do, choosing to run out to parties instead, with no thought of why they have that extra day off of work.

    I particularly like your suggestion to teach your children what Memorial Day is all about. I teach my daughter about our military and honoring our soldiers, of personal importance with her grandpa and dad both soldiers; however, I would hazard a guess that if I walked in her school and took a poll to see how many students even know what Memorial Day is, maybe half would have a clear understanding.

  4. Candace Ginestar

    Thanks for this article, Chuck! I posted something on Facebook yesterday – it was an article about OIF/OEF vets throwing away their medals on Memorial Day to make some kind of political statement (to my knowledge they are all out of the military). That, compared to what I did on Memorial Day (visited Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial), just didn’t jive well with me.

  5. What a great article, and great REMINDER about what Memorial Day is all about. Yeah sure, enjoy a cookout with your friends and loved ones, but remember WHY you are able to enjoy that. Anyone of those items you listed, Chuck, is a great way to do so. I think that it is particularly important to instill this in your kids. I think this is easily done by starting a tradition that they remember from childhood until they’re an adult. Teach them what right looks like…and I don’t care what anyone says…RIGHT, in this case, is honoring those who serve.

    1. Candace Ginestar

      That’s true, Justin. My husband always volunteers to carry the colors in the parades for the VFW. Our town is very patriotic and so we are lucky. I’ve volunteered for many different duties over the years. I feel it’s a very small price to pay to show respect and honor to those who paid the ultimate price. I don’t need a day off as much as that.

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