7 Facts About the Selective Service

The Military Selective Service Act of 1967 is a registration program used by the U.S. government to create and maintain a list of names of men from which to draw in case of a national emergency requiring rapid expansion of our armed forces. By registering all young men, the United States Selective Service System ensures that a future draft will be fair and equitable. With that, the Selective Service System was created as a government agency to maintain that information.  Here are 7 Facts About the Selective Service.

1. All Male US citizens, permanent resident aliens, refugees and political asylee’s living in the US must register for Selective Service between the ages of 18 through 25.

2. Any US male age 26 and older who has not registered with Selective Service can not do so.  The person must contact and petition the Selective Service to describe the circumstances that prevented him from registering during the appropriate time period.

3. Any male born from March 29, 1957 to December 31, 1959 was not required to register because the registration program was not in operation.

4. Lawful non-immigrant males on visas in the US are not required to register.

5. Any US citizen who has served in the military may check “YES” on the Selective Service form having registered for Selective Service.

6. Any permanent resident alien who obtained permanent resident status at age 26 or older does not have to register.  However, he must explain on the Selective Service form the reason he was not required to register.

7.  Any male who checks “NO” on the Selective Service form must provide documentation from the Selective Service indicating why he did not have to register.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Selective Service registration can be done at high schools, colleges and universities, and via the Selective Service Web site.  And, even though the Secretary of Defense has decided to allow women to serve in direct combat roles, the law has not changed to reflect this with regards to Selective Service obligations.  So, for now, only males 18-25 must register. That may change soon though.

If you have any input or any questions, please post them below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
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7 thoughts on “7 Facts About the Selective Service”

  1. I never knew that women didn’t have to register for the Selective Service. I’ve recently read that women will now be able to serve in combat arms branches. Does that mean they will now have to register for the draft, too?

  2. I remember filling out forms for Selective Service and then forgetting about it all together. I’m glad there’s not a military draft, but the idea of being called into action does induce a fair amount of pride. Here’s a question…What would it take, in this day and age, for the armed forces to actually call in people from the Selective Service?

    1. There would need to be a full scale war requiring more troops that we currently have on Active Duty and in the Reserves/Guard. Congress doesn’t have to declare war though (remember Vietnam). I hope it never happens again, but with the way things are going in the world nothing would surprise me.

      1. When are women going to have to start registering for the Selective Service? They want equal rights, unless it is an inconvenience for other women. I’m so tired of all this women crap in the Army.

  3. Good points about the Selective Service, Justin. I learned some new things from this post. I’m wondering now that women can serve in combat arms when they will have to start registering for the Selective Service? I guess only time will tell.


    1. I never knew women didn’t have to register for the draft. That doesn’t sound very fair to be considering women want equal rights and want to serve in combat arms.

    2. Very interesting post. I’m amazed with all the new policy changes in the Army that women still don’t have to register for the Selective Service. I feel as if there is a double standard.

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