4th Infantry Division – Campaigns & Decorations

Their motto is Steadfast and Loyal and when we examine the 4th Infantry Division’s history, it is evident that they live up to this motto.

The nickname used by the 4th Infantry Division is Ivy Division. You may wonder why Ivy. The Roman Numerals for four is IV, hence Ivy.

The 4th Infantry Division has played a major role in the United States Army since it was formed in 1917 at Camp Greene, North Carolina.

I want to show you just how important this division was and is. I am doing so by first going through all the campaigns the 4th Infantry Division has participated in and decorations received.

World War I

The first campaign the 4th Infantry Division entered was the Aisne/Marne region of France. This essentially prepared the division for the more difficult tasks to follow.

St. Mihiel

The Germans had captured St. Mihiel and General John Pershing and the AEF determined the Germans must be eradicated from the area. The 4th Infantry Division was tasked to sweep Northwest while other divisions came from other sides. The Germans were trapped and it was a victory.


This was probably the last huge battle during World War I. The 4th Infantry Division was assigned to III Corps. This offensive was in 2 parts and was extremely deadly. But it ended the war.

2 other campaigns the 4th get credit for during all this were:

  1. Champagne
  2. Lorraine

World War I Medal of Honor

When looking over the courage of soldiers during WW I, the 4th Infantry Division had Sergeant William Shemin who risked all and jumped out in open to kill many Germans. President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to his daughter in 2015.

World War II

In 1940, the 4th Infantry Division was reactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia. They were at

4th infantry division


made a motor division but after the U.S. entered World War II, they were redefined as an infantry division.

In January of 1944, the 4th Infantry Division sailed to England.


The 4th Infantry Division took part in the Normandy Invasion. They landed at Utah Beach. The 4th was a major part of the liberation of Paris.

Other Campaigns During WW II

The 4th Infantry Division participated in many battles and conflicts all throughout WW II. Some of the primary campaigns were:

  • Northern France
  • Rhineland
  • Ardennes/Alsace
  • and Central Europe

World War II Medals of Honor

A total of 5 of these were awarded to 4th Infantry soldiers for actions in World War II. You can click the link to learn about each.

  1. Staff Sergeant Marcario Garcia
  2. Private Pedro Cano
  3. Major General George Mabry Jr.
  4. Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
  5. and First Lieutenant Bernard Ray


The 4th Infantry Division was deployed to Vietnam essentially from start to finish. I could write a complete book on the campaigns they were involved in there. I will just list them here.

  • Counteroffensive, Phase II;
  • Counteroffensive, Phase III;
  • Tet Counteroffensive;
  • Counteroffensive, Phase IV;
  • Counteroffensive, Phase V;
  • Counteroffensive, Phase VI;
  • Tet 69/Counteroffensive;
  • Summer-Fall 1969;
  • Winter-Spring 1970;
  • Sanctuary Counteroffensive;
  • Counteroffensive, Phase VII.

Vietnam Medals of Honor

There were a vast amount of these top awards given to 4th Infantry Division personnel in Vietnam.

  1. Private First Class Leslie Allen Bellrichard
  2. Private First Class Louis Edward Willett
  3. Corporal Thomas Bennett
  4. Sergeant First Class Elmelindo Rodrigues Smith
  5. Spec 4 Donald Evans Jr.
  6. Sergeant Anund Roark
  7. Sergeant First Class Bruce Alan Grandstaff
  8. Staff Sergeant “Frankie” Zoltán Molnár
  9. Sergeant Dwight Johnson
  10. First Sergeant David McNerney
  11. and Private First Class Phill McDonald

Iraqi Freedom

The 4th Infantry Division was also a huge part in Iraq. They took part in many campaigns which included:

Afghanistan Enduring Freedom

The 4th Infantry Division has also been recognized in Afghanistan:

  • Consolidation II
  • Consolidation III
  • and Transition I

Campaigns Since

The 4th Infantry Division continues to perform service in defense of the United States and her allies.

Just consider:

And More Medals of Honor

I will not leave out more of the top awards given some great soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division.

  1. Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha for actions in the Battle of Kamdesh.
  2. Captain Florent Groberg for stopping a suicide bomber.
  3. Staff Sergeant Ty Carter for his actions in the Battle of Kamdesh.

Final Thoughts

The 4th Infantry Division has a remarkable history. They are now headquartered at Fort Carson, Colorado.

On November 17th, 2017, the 4th will be celebrating 100 years of service.

Let’s give a huge thumbs up and thanks to all who have and those who still serve with the United States Army 4th Infantry Division.

If you have questions or comments, please post them below.

Thank you.

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  1. I spent several years in the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado. I served in the 64th Forward Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team. It was a great experience and I am proud to have served with the IVY division.

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