35 Awesome Places in Alaska: Places for Soldiers to Visit

Whether you are stationed In Alaska or just looking to take a vacation with your family and leave the military stress for a short time, Alaska has an ample amount of sites you should see.

In doing ample research and asking other soldiers who have “been there and done that,” I have put together 35 awesome place that soldiers should visit in Alaska.

These are in no certain order.

I am starting with the least and moving to the most popular.

Alaska soldiers
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But you will want to research your itinerary because you just may be able to see several of these at the same time period.

Let’s take a look at the 35 wonderful Alaska destinations.

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center

In the midst of the largest city in Alaska is this world-class museum.

Displays consist of many of the artifacts and more that has Alaska on the map of great places.

With your military ID, the admission is only $10.

The museum is located at 625 C Street in Anchorage.


The Alaska Native Heritage Center

Learn about the 11 major native groups that call Alaska their home.

They include:

  • Inupiaq

  • Athabaskan

  • Siberian Yupik

  • Eyak

  • Cup’ik

  • Tlingit

  • Yup’ik

  • Haida

  • Alutiiq

  • Tsimshian

  • and Unangax peoples

It is on 25 acres in Northeast Anchorage.

With a military ID, the cost is $21.15.


Chugach State Park

This beautiful park is just East of Anchorage and covers nearly 500,000 acres.

You can camp, hunt and fish with proper licensing.

The location is 18620 Seward Highway, Anchorage, Alaska.


Iditarod National Historic Trail

There is no possible way you will hike this trail in one, or even two days, but you need to at least see parts of the trail.

You have probably heard of the famous Iditarod dog-sled races that run along this trail.

You can see different areas to gain access by clicking the link below.


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Matanuska Glacier

You can reach this inland glacier by car.

It is about 100 miles Northeast of Anchorage.

It is approximately 27 miles long and 4 miles wide.


An Arctic Circle Tour

How about a fly trip over the Arctic Circle?

Northern Alaska Tour Company offers some excellent tour opportunities.

Maybe you will see Santa Claus.


Tongass National Forest

There are over 17,000,000 acres of land in this largest National Forest in the United States.

Part of this is rain forest.

The Tongass National Forest is located in Southeast Alaska on the border of British Columbia.


Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Many people trekked the journey through Washington into Canada and Alaska seeking fortune through gold fever.

To commemorate those crazy years, they developed this National Park that is mainly in Skagway, Alaska, but there are many remnants of it in Seattle, Washington.

It is a must see.


Haines, Alaska

This small town at the Northern peak of the Alaska Panhandle has a lot of beauty.

But, you really should visit between October and February when you will see a large concentration of bald eagles.



Why not book a small plane or helicopter to take you on a “flightsight” trip over the Alaskan mountain range?

Just be sure and take a camera, because you will want to show everyone those magnificent views you witnessed.


Girdwood, Alaska

Located at the Southern end of Anchorage, Girdwood is a wonderful resort town.

If you like skiing, fishing or just relaxing in a peaceful environment, Girdwood is the place.


Gold Dredge #8

This is a wonderful look at history up close.

Plus for a small fee, you can try your luck at panning for gold.

This dredge was operated from 1928 to 1959.

It is located in the mid-section of Alaska between Fairbanks and Fox.


Homer, Alaska

This municipality is located on the shore of Kachemak Bay.

Homer is called the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.

This is a lovely town that you just need to see; and take a fishing pole.


Beluga Point

The view is breathtaking at this site in Southern Alaska.

It is a great place to spot Beluga whales.


Sitka, Alaska

You won’t get to Sitka driving.

Sitka is a series of islands that are downright beautiful.

At one time Sitka was a heavily populated Russian area before the Russians sold Alaska to the United States.

This is an area you should see when in Alaska.


Williwaw Lakes

You can hike, camp and fish at this great location just outside Anchorage.

Be sure and be aware of areas that are avalanche zones.


Skagway, Alaska

Skagway is at the Northern end of the Alaska panhandle.

It is a town with an interesting history, considered the Gateway to the Gold Rush.

Many cruise ships make a stop at Skagway.


6 Mile Creek Whitewater Rafting Trip

Just a hop and a skip from Anchorage is 6 mile creek.

Do you think you have what it takes to handle this whitewater rafting trip?

I know you will love it.


Talkeetna, Alaska

This lovely town is in South-central Alaska.

It has a setting of entering another era.

Not far from Denali, many tourists who are going there stay in Talkeetna.

Great salmon fishing here too!


Hubbard Glacier

This monstrous glacier that is in Eastern Alaska and Canada is defying the global warming theories.

Hubbard Glacier is actually growing.

At this point, Hubbard Glacier is approximately 75 miles long.


Tracy Arm Fjord

Near Juneau is this amazing fjord.

There are many boats and ships that offer a cruise through this lovely scenery.

It is well worth the trip.

You may see a bear and other wildlife.


Ketchikan, Alaska

This town in Alaska is only 700 miles North of Seattle, Washington.

It is the furthest Southern town in Alaska.

It is a site to behold.

The Alaskan natives love to welcome visitors to Alaska in Ketchikan.

So catch a ride to Ketchikan.


Totem Bight State Historical Park

Just North of Ketchikan is this magnificent park.

With many totem poles of the natives who resided here, you can see how they lived and survived this wilderness.

So when you visit Ketchikan, be sure and head up to Totem Bight.


Alaska Sealife Center

This center is located in Seward, Alaska.

They are dedicated to preserving the ecosystem for the sealife around Alaska.

You can view the many types of wildlife.

See more about this center here.

Drive The Alaska Highway

This long expanse of pavement through Alaska will allow you to see nature all around you.

Make stops along the way and take photographs.

This is a great way to see Alaska.


Glacier Bay National Park

This huge park and protected area is West of Juneau.

It is a must see when you go to Alaska.

There are numerous glaciers and you may see some bears and other wildlife.


University of Alaska Museum of the North

This museum is located at the Fairbanks campus of the University of Alaska.

It displays many of the native artifacts discovered through the years.

You can also learn a lot about scientific discoveries.


Kayak From Valdez To Columbia Glacier

It may be slightly pricey, but well worth it.

The trip in a kayak from Valdez to Columbia Glacier is breathtaking.

It is worth every penny.


Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

This park has some of the highest mountains in both the United States and Canada.

I highly recommend a visit to this national park and preserve.

It is located in South-central Alaska.


Fairbanks, Alaska

Make this trip to further North.

I just suggest you do it in the summer months unless you have a parka and layers of clothing.

Fairbanks gets quite cold.

It is the 2nd largest city in Alaska, so there are plenty of exciting things to do.


Mendenhall Glacier

This is one of the glaciers that has been retreating.

It seems global warming is having an effect on it.

It is quite near Juneau, and is a wondrous site to behold.


Seward, Alaska

This town on the Kenai Peninsula is named after William Seward.

He was the Secretary of State who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

A beautiful town of about 3,000 people, you should visit.


Cruise The Inside Passage

See Alaska from a ship and enjoy all the amenities.

Many people experience this unforgettable experience yearly.

You should try it too.


Kenai Fjords National Park

Near the town of Seward is this magnificent National Park instituted by President Jimmy Carter.

You can view many species of Alaska wildlife at this park

I strongly suggest a visit.


Denali National Park

This is in the center of Alaska and is the location of Mt McKinley.

Visiting Alaska would be senseless if you do not make a stop at Denali National Park.

It covers approximately 6,000,000 acres, so you can find peaceful locations all throughout this area.

Do not feed the bears!


Final Thoughts

In writing this post, I have been plotting making a trip to Alaska.

So cool!

What about you?

Have you been there?

Please tell us about it in the comments section.

Thank you.


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