307th Infantry Regiment: Top 7 Cool Facts

The 307th Infantry Regiment has a long and memorable history. Still operational, I wanted to share some of the history and facts about the 307th Infantry Regiment.

Here are the top 7 cool facts about the 307th Infantry Regiment.

#1: Creation

It all started during World War I. The 307th Infantry Regiment was organized in 1917 and assigned to the 154th Infantry Brigade under the 77th Division.

The Regiment was organized at Camp Upton, New York and deployed to Europe.

#2: World War I Campaigns

The 307th was involved in these World War I campaigns:

  • Oise-Aisne
  • Meuse-Argonne
  • Champagne
  • and Lorraine

#3: After WW I

In 1919, the 307th was demobilized at Camp Upton. But just 2 years later in 1921, the Regiment was re-upped in the Organized Reserves of New York and conducted training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

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#4: World War II

The 307th was activated for service in the Pacific Theater in 1942 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. They participated in the Louisiana Maneuvers and in 1944, they were deployed to Hawaii.

The 307th were involved in many operations that included

  • The liberation of Guam
  • Liberation of the Philippines
  • The assault of Yakabi Shima
  • Okinawa
  • and the occupation of Japan

#5: WW II Heroes

The 307th Regiment had many heroes during WW II. Here some are:

  • Private Rodger H. Cheverette – Purple Heart
  • PFC Frank Cieslak – Purple Heart, Bronze Star
  • Private William J. Coleman – Purple Heart
  • PFC Paul J. Condella – Purple Heart
  • Sergeant Larry L. Corey – Silver Star, Purple Heart
  • PFC Alvin H. Groh – Bronze Star, Purple Heart

These are just 6 of a very long list. I highly encourage you to visit the 2nd link in the reference section to see and know them all. These are soldiers who died for your freedom.

#6: Motto

They have lived up to their motto:

Clear The Way!

#7: The 307th Now

Now the 307th Infantry Regiment was reorganized into 3 Battalions in the regular Army. They are all training units.

These soldiers train new soldiers on the keys to winning in wars and battles.

Final Thoughts

If your unit has prior history with the 307th Infantry Regiment, you should know the history.

The reference links I have added can give you more info.

The Regiment has been awarded these decorations:

  • Philippine Presidential Unit Citation
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Army Superior Unit Award
  • Army Superior Unit Award

Feel free to share any information you have about the 307th Infantry Regiment.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

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