12 Cool Facts About General Patton

Some loved him while others hated him but no matter what anyone felt about General George S. Patton Jr., they have to admit he was one of the best military leaders in the history of the United States.

We have written several posts regarding General Patton, but if you are like me, you can never get enough information on this man and leader.

Today, I am going to share 12 cool facts about General Patton. If you have any cool facts you would like to add, just tell us in the comments area at the end of this post.

1: Birth

George S. Patton Jr. Was born to a highly successful and influential family. His maternal Grandfather was Benjamin Davis Wilson who was the mayor of Los Angeles and owned a lot of California territory. His Father was a graduate of VMI and was a lawyer in California.

George Patton Jr. Was born on November 11th, 1885 in San Gabriel, California.

2: Education

George Patton always wanted to be involved with the U.S. Military. He attended Stephen Clark’s School for Boys and was always reading about military history. At 17 years old, he wrote a Senator asking for an appointment to the USMA. The Senator required that Patton would have to take an entrance exam. Both Patton and his Father worried that he may not pass, so they searched for a beginner school that had an ROTC program. Princeton accepted him, but he chose the Virginia Military Institute. He did well at VMI, and he ended up passing the entrance exam for the US Military Academy, where he was accepted.

3: Held Back

George Patton Jr. Had to repeat his first year at the West Point US Military Academy. He failed math and had to work with a tutor to bring his math skills in line.

4: Dyslexia

One of the reasons Patton may have had trouble in math was a common thing many people have. He had dyslexia. This is a issue when people can turn numbers around.

5: Olympics

George Patton Jr was a participant in the 1912 Olympics in Sweden. He was the Army’s entrant in the new Pentathlon. The competitions were:

  • A race on foot: he placed 3rd

  • Pistol range: he used his .38 and placed 21st

  • Equestrian: he placed 6th

  • Swimming: he placed 7th

  • and Fencing where he placed 4th

Overall, Patton came in 5th.

6: Sword Design

Because of his achievements in fencing, Patton traveled to France and learned more about fencing after the Olympics. He brought his swordsmanship education back and he designed a new Cavalry sword. In 1913, the Model 1913 Cavalry Saber was produced with Patton the designer.

7: Fort Riley, Kansas

In 1913, Patton was assigned to the Mounted Service School in Fort Riley, Kansas. While there, he designed and taught a course in swordsmanship. He was a Master of the Sword.

8: Patton’s Mentor

While a young officer, Patton was an aide to General John Pershing. Traveling to Mexico to try and capture Pancho Villa, Patton became entrenched in learning all he could. Patton’s mentor was General Pershing. Patton tried to emulate him.

9: Reincarnated

General Patton was a firm believer in reincarnation. He believed he once was:

  • A Greek soldier during the invasion of Ionia.

  • A Roman soldier under Julius Caesar.

  • A Viking.

  • A fighter for the House of Stuart as a Scottish Highlander.

  • A French soldier who escorted Napoleon.

  • A soldier with the New York regiment during the Civil War.

10: Purple Heart

Patton nearly died during World War I. During the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, he was wounded in his thigh. He continued leading but was finally take to a hospital. When the Purple Heart was reinstated in 1932, Patton was awarded the prestigious award for that day of battle. He often would say that he was a half-assed soldier after that.

11: Patton The Prophet

In the 1930’s, Patton was stationed for awhile in Hawaii. While there, he wrote an extensive paper that detailed what he thought the Japanese may do. Almost to the exact way Patton wrote the paper, is the way the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Was Patton a prophet, or did Japanese leaders read his paper?

12: Death

On December 21st, 1945, General Patton was killed in a car accident in Germany. Many believe it was murder. Was there a conspiracy to kill this great leader? Or, was it just a simple car accident?

Final Thoughts

So do you have any Patton facts you would like to share?

Do you believe he was assassinated, or was his death just an accident?

Please share your thoughts on this great Army leader. Thank you for visiting.


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