108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training): 22 Cool Facts

The Army prides itself on first-class training procedures. The 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training) is one of the “backbones” in providing high level training.

In today’s post, we are going to examine 22 cool facts about the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training). At the end of this post, we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

1: Activated

The 108th was activated in 1946 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

2: Jumpers

When activated in 1946, the 108th was an airborne division. Funding for airborne training and equipment was very minimal though. The Army started considering other options.

3: Reserves

The 108th Airborne Division was a United States Army reserve component. The units this division consisted of were:

  • HQ Company, 108th Airborne Division
  • 108th Airborne Division Band
  • Military Police Platoon, 108th Airborne Division
  • Reconnaissance Platoon, 108th Airborne Division
  • 808th Airborne Ordnance Maintenance Company
  • 108th Airborne Quartermaster Company
  • 108th Airborne Signal Company
  • 485th Glider Infantry Regiment
  • 518th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • 519th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • 108th Airborne Division Artillery
  • 598th Airborne Engineer Battalion
  • 353d Airborne Medical Company
  • 651st Airborne Antiaircraft Battalion
  • 108th Parachute Maintenance Company

4: 1952

As I had mentioned earlier, funding was quite low for this airborne division. The 108th was reorganized and became the 108th Infantry Division.

5: 1956

In 1956, another reorganization took place with the 108th. This time it became a major change and it was now to be the 108th Division (Institutional Training). This would be a “beta” program in developing training programs and policies.

6: 2005 Transformation

The United States Army Reserve performed a complete transformation in 2005. During this time, the 108th became the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training – IET). This was another reorganization that gave the 108th the structure it holds today.

7: Vietnam

During the Vietnam War in the 1960’s, the 108th developed a Drill Sergeant school. Also, in 1968, the 108th soldiers provided interim training for soldiers waiting to begin Basic Training. This provided an easier transition into the rigors of Basic Training.

8: First Mobilization

The 108th Division did not have have any units or soldiers mobilized until 1991. 300+ soldiers from the 108th were called up for active duty for Operation Desert Storm. Many of them were used for retraining purposes with soldiers who were being called back to active duty. This was done at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

9: Future Army Schools

In 1993, the 108th was given a new mission. They were to undertake a new training system called Future Army Schools Twenty First Century. This added schools, personnel, and responsibility to the 108th Training Command Division. The 10 schools that were added under the 108th became fully functioning Brigades.

10: Added Responsibilities

The 108th now has a wide range of responsibilities. Not only are they the applicators of initial entry training for new soldiers entering the Army, they also conduct specialized training for both officers and soldiers. This is primarily in the Southeastern United States.

11: ROTC

The 108th has also been given the mission of conducting Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) training at several colleges in the Southeastern United States.

12: Puerto Rico

In 1998, the 108th Training Command also took control of what was the former 265th Army Forces School, here in Puerto Rico where I live. This added another Brigade to the 108th. It is located at Fort Buchanan near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

13: War On Terror

The 108th has deployed well over 2,000 soldiers to the Middle East. Their primary duties are training security forces in the war torn countries where terrorism has been a large issue.

14: Trained To Train

With soldiers located in:

  • The United States
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • and other localities

the 108th has trained its soldiers to train other soldiers.

15: One Of The Largest

The 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training) is one of the largest commands of the United States Army Reserves. It has well over 10,000 soldiers.

16: Current Commander

The current Commander of the 108th Training Command is Major General Leslie Purser.

17: Past Leaders

Former Commanders of the 108th are:

  • Major General Thomas Mayfield 1952-1960
  • Major General Robert Jones 1960-1965
  • Major General Thomas Thorne 1965-1966
  • Major General Ian Davidson 1966-1969
  • Major General Scott Ferebee 1969-1976
  • Major General Paul Oliver 1976-1980
  • Major General Berlyn Sutton 1980-1983
  • Major General Charles Whisnant 1983-1987
  • Major General William Gantt, Jr. 1987-1991
  • Major General Ronald Sneed 1991-1995
  • Major General George Goldsmith, Jr. 1995-1999
  • Major General H. Douglas Robertson 1999-2003
  • Major General Charles McCartney, Jr. 2003-2007
  • Major General James Mallory III 2007-2010
  • Major General Robert Stall 2010-2013

18: Nickname

The nickname for the 108th Training Command is Golden Griffins.

19: Motto

The 108th Training Command’s motto is: Princeps Exercendo which means “first in instruction.”

20: Website

The 108th has their own website. It is called The Griffon 108.

21: Subordinate Commands

Subordinate Commands under the 108th Training Command include:

95th Training Division at Fort Sill, Oklahoma

  • 1st Brigade
  • 2nd Brigade at Vancouver, Washington
  • 3rd Brigade at Lexington, Kentucky
  • 4th Brigade at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

98th Training Division at Fort Benning, Georgia

  • 1st Brigade
  • 2nd Brigade at Fort Jackson, South Carolina
  • 3rd Brigade at Salem, Virginia
  • 4th Brigade at Buffalo, New York

104th Training Division at Fort Lewis, Joint Base Lewis/McChord, Washington

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Company
  • 1st Brigade at Aurora, Colorado
  • 3rd Brigade at Mount Vernon, Virginia

22: Help Needed

The U.S. Army Reserve is in need of training instructors. Drill Sergeants are in short supply, especially females. There is a huge shortage of officers and soldiers all throughout the 108th Training Command. If you have ever considered joining the service, or if you may have left and have considered “re-upping,” you may want to take a close look at getting into the 108th as a part of the United States Army Reserves.

Final Thoughts

The Army is all about great training, and those in the 108th are leading the way in training.

If you are with the 108th now, or have been in the past, you are a teacher and trainer. We would love to hear from anyone who was in the 108th. Tell us more. We would love to hear your comments or answer any of your questions. Just file them below and we will respond as quick as possible. Thank you and have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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  1. Awesome write up!!

    I am currently the Aide De Camp for the 108th.I believe this is one of the best write-ups that I’ve seen so far. As stated above, the one away is still currently leaving training! Our motto is “first in training!” And we absolutely do that best!

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