1032nd Transportation Company Virginia Army National Guard Interview

Here is an interview I did with the Transportation Company Commander in the 1032nd Transportation Company in the Virginia Army National Guard.  Enjoy!

What Is Your Job Title?

I am the Company Commander of the 1032nd Transportation Company in the Virginia Army National Guard.

What is the Job Description for Your Duty Position?

Company Commander of 175 personnel equipped primarily with 1088’s.  Responsible for planning and executing training for federal and state missions.  Responsible for MTOE property valued at over $17 million.  Responsible for development and management of personnel.

What Type of Unit Are You In?

My company is a Transportation Company in a Transportation Battalion.

What Are Your Primary Duties and Responsibilities?

My responsibilities include setting the vision for the organization, conducting effective training, developing subordinates, and maintaining army equipment.

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

I enjoy accomplishing real world missions.  My unit has completed many CONUS and international missions effectively and with no major mishaps.

What Do You Dislike About Your Job?

There is a limit to what we can do because of time.  We are only together for 39 days a year, so my “wants” exceed my “cans”.

What Are Your Biggest Accomplishments Since Taking Your Job?

The company has completed major multi-day missions successfully.  We won the Eisenhower Award for best company in the Virginia National Guard and were the Connelly Award winner by having the best mess section in the entire National Guard.

What Are the Best Tips You Can Share for Someone About to Take the Same Job That You Have?

  • Don’t lead from behind a desk.  Get out and be with the Soldiers.  Do admin between drills.
  • Reward publicly and punish quietly.  Do both as quickly as possible.  Discharge bad Soldiers.  Do your best to help good Soldiers in their Army career and in civilian life.

Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Military Experience?

I was active duty USAF for 5.5 years as a Nuclear Launch Officer.  I had a 5 year break in service.  I came back in to the Virginia National Guard.  I served for two years on Battalion Staff before becoming a Company Commander.  I’ve been in command for two years.

Soldier Biography

Brian Sansom is an ROTC instructor at UNC – Chapel Hill.  He is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and has an MBA from Auburn University.  He served on active duty in the USAF for 5.5 years.  He then held a variety of positions in corporate America for five years.  He then taught and coached at public high schools for three years.  He is married with two daughters.

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3 thoughts on “1032nd Transportation Company Virginia Army National Guard Interview”

  1. Candace Ginestar

    Two things that CPT Sansom said have resonated with me. #1 is how little time we have with our Soldiers unless we are deployed. I actually enjoyed having a month long AT last year, because that was much more than I normally get with them, and it was my last AT as a PL. I am very thankful for those opportunities. #2 is the advice to get out from behind the desk and do your admin tasks between drill. This is my ideal way to handle business someday when I am a commander. Thank you for a great article!

  2. This sounds like a really good unit! I’ve never been in the Army before, but if I was I would want to be a Transportation Officer.

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