10 Reasons To Join The Military

If we were to interview members of any of our armed forces…

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Coast Guard
  • or any of the Reserves or National Guard

and asked them why they decided to join, the answers would probably be numerous.

And while so many civilians just assume that military life consists of killing and trying not to be killed, there is so much more. And for those people that assume a person joins the military because they can not “handle” civilian life, you need to be awakened. Because you could not handle civilian life if not for all the men and women who serve in the military.

You see, your freedom was not and is not free. It is the men, women and some animals who serve in the United States Armed Forces that make it possible for you to live a comfortable life and have the ability to raise a family, own a business and live the way you desire as long as it does not harm other citizens.

In today’s post, I am going to share 10 reasons to join the military.

And, I would like your input at the end of this post… Why did you join?

#1: To Serve Your Country And Maintain Freedom

I just had to put this at the #1 spot because with all that is happening in the world, it is men and women with this reason who rise up to ensure we have a life of comfort.

I think of the soldiers who died while going up and over their call of duty and I realize this is probably one of their top reasons for serving.

#2: Employment

We all know that unemployment is at one of the lowest points in many years. But how many of those jobs are behind the counter of a fast food establishment?

I know your family expected much more from you. So joining the military provides you with employment that is commendable.

#3: To Travel

For many, the opportunity to see new places and learn about other cultures is a reason for joining. Let’s face it, without the military, Jim would probably stay in Wichita, Kansas or Anna would never get out of Fargo, North Dakota for life.

By joining the military, they will visit other States and possibly other countries.

#4: Unity And Brotherhood

The military teaches a camaraderie like no other. You learn quickly that a person you may have had no liking to in civilian life may be the person who saves your life in military life, and vice versa.

It is a brother/sisterhood like no other.

#5: Family Legacy

This is a top reason many people join. I know that it was one of my reasons. After all,

  • Dad served 20 years in the Air Force
  • Grandpa was in the Navy
  • My uncle was drafted to Vietnam

And all family members who did serve within our family get the highest respect.

#6: That Slick-Talking Recruiter

You just knew you had seen that guy somewhere before and it suddenly comes to you while you are getting shot at from Taliban militants… He sold your brother that lemon of a car for $1,000 over Blue Book.

Why didn’t you recognize him when he gave that talk in the High School auditorium making it sound like if you joined you would be surrounded by women like a Rock Star.

Where you are now, if women are surrounding you, it’s because they are about to blow the shit out of you with explosives.

But you signed and you have a duty to your country, your family and your brothers in arms.

You ARE A Soldier!

#7: To Learn New Skills

So much of what is learned in military training can help us in civilian life. Even simple skills that help you get that vehicle running in the desert will help you when your truck breaks down on a gravel road outside Chadron, Nebraska.

The military has taught many skills to people that never would have learned them otherwise.

#8: Free Or Low Cost Health Care

Walk into any emergency room in the United States and just opening the door will run you 0 or more.

Health care, dental care and medication is not cheap.

When you join the military, health care is free or low cost for you and your family.

#9: Higher Education

Do you have dreams of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Etc… But the costs of higher education make it nearly impossible?

When you join the military, using the Montgomery GI Bill, you can get a great education just for agreeing to serve a certain amount of time.

#10: To Turn Life Around

Some of us were born on the wrong side of the tracks. Breaking rules was the norm instead of the exception. But joining the military teaches us to follow the rules and for many, just joining the military turned them into honorable citizens instead of ex or current convicts.

Final Thoughts

Maybe one or more of these were your reasons for joining the military. Or maybe you had a reason not listed here.

I would ask that those of you reading this please tell us which branch you served in, how long and why you joined.

We appreciate your service no matter the reason.

Thank you for stopping in and have a fantastic day.

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